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Adding Munchkin Tracking Code To Your Website

Posted by SHUBHAM MISHRA on Jan 16, 2019

Munchkin Tracking Code

The custom javascript tracking code of Marketo, called the Munchkin, tracks all the people coming to your website so that you can respond to their visits with automated marketing campaigns. Even anonymous visitors are tracked with their IP address and other information.

There are 3 tracking code types available:

  • Simple – Loads synchronously
  • Asynchronous – Loads asynchronously
  • Asynchronous jQuery – Loads asynchronously and requires that jQuery be loaded beforehand

It is highly recommended that the Asynchronous tracking code be used for embedding Munchkin on external pages. To ensure the highest possible success rate for execution, embed the Asynchronous tracking code in <head> of each page.


Add Tracking Code to Your Website


1. Click Admin at the top right of the app.

shubham blog 1

2. Click Munchkin in the tree on the left.

Shubham Blog 2

3. Select Asynchronous for Tracking Code Type


Shubham Blog 3

* Note: Asynchronous code is faster than Simple

4. Click and copy the Javascript tracking code to put on your website.

shubham blog 4

Tips: Put tracking code on the web pages you want to track. This may be every page for smaller sites, or only key pages on sites that have many dynamically generated Web pages, user forums, and so on.

5. Place the tracking code on your web pages right before the <body> tag

shubham blog 5

Landing pages created in Marketo automatically have tracking code, therefore you do not have to put this code on them