Artificial Intelligence in content writing
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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

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TransFunnel Consulting Oct 12, 2021

How Artificial Intelligence can make content king?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of content writing with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? The question here is not if AI can or cannot write like humans, but what needs to be considered here is to what extent will it make a difference?

Robots will be able to do everything better than us,” said noted entrepreneur Elon Musk during a speech.

When we enjoy a scoop of ice cream, do we ask if it was created by a human or a machine? When we light an incense stick, do we ask if the fragrance was conceived by a human or a machine? 

Primary creators are humans, nothing beats that

It is true that AI has taken over human tasks like no other and is capable of even fulfilling them successfully. But the fact remains that AI cannot create ideas on its own. That’s where a human brain supersedes intelligence in the real sense. AI needs a human to key in the required intelligence it is supposed to deliver. 

Humans - masters of ideas

Almost every little thing we own in our home has been invented in a factory, by machines. The reality is so imbibed in us that we do not even think beyond its invention. However, the very thought of AI in content writing or AI creating content can make humans insecure. Why? This is because we cannot fathom that something that only humans can ideate can be improvised in such a fashion that it comes close to human intelligence. Humans have been the owners of ideas all along. The ability to design furniture or a car has been exclusively done by human creativity and intellect, with much of the physical work left to machines. 

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Industrial revolution

With the advent of the industrial revolution, manual tasks performed by humans were replaced by machines. When computers came along, the computational human tasks were replaced by machines. Humans, however, still dominate the area of creativity and ideas and we are naturally disgusted by the possibility of a machine creating a painting or writing a poem. When we create them, it is an expression and a reflection of our imagination but when AI creates them, it is devoid of a purpose or expression, simply an outcome of millions of calculations, without an intended meaning. 

Natural language processing

Coming back to the question of writing, AI has written thousands of articles…even poetry. Using natural language processing, AI is fed narrative and style patterns from millions of articles already framed by humans. It is then just a given information on which a written piece is to be created. AI constructs sentences out of this information, weaves a narrative based on the patterns from the countless articles it has processed and mimics styles like metaphors and other figures of speech. The result is an article a reader cannot distinguish if it is a product of a human intellect or AI. 

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Formulaic content

Big media houses like The New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters and Washington Post, have been using these software programs to generate content for some years now. Some of this content is formulaic and one can tell it’s not man-made, while some are creative, making it difficult to ascertain the creator might be. Poetry, novels and movie scripts are still dominated by humans, but the machines are progressing fast in these creative fields as well. It is inevitable that writers will be replaced by machines, or at the most their roles will change to just supervising content written by AI. 

Who knows! We may have a best-selling novel completely AI-made in five to 10 years, although it would not be a conscious expression. Has this article given you something interesting to think about? Who do you think wrote this? AI or a human?


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