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Complete guide to an online feedback survey tool

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 18, 2021

Get feedback at a click of a mouse

More and more businesses are investing their time and resources in feedback survey tools. Why? A feedback survey helps businesses stay on top of the game and get real-time feedback, in turn, allowing them to remain agile and show the customers that their opinions and suggestions are valuable. 

With the help of online feedback survey tools, businesses can keep the communication with their customers or clients going. 

A feedback survey tool is a digital software tool that allows you to make and send millions of surveys. Feedback surveys provide you with data which tells you exactly the right and wrong of what you are doing and where you can improve. 

Below are the reasons why you need an online feedback survey tool:

Captures data quickly  

The obtained data contributes in determining the efficiency of the survey. When it comes to data estimation from customer satisfaction or performance analysis, online feedback surveys allow you to capture the right kind of instant data at the right time and address related issues.


An online survey tool is a means by which you can easily create complex surveys. It also provides you with custom templates, which include more than one type of format and questionnaire.

Quick response

The best thing about online survey tools is that it is done as soon as the participants submit the survey. So it provides you with instant real feedback. You can see and analyze the responses instantly. This helps you come up with an unfavorable solution to the problem and lets you act on the feedback.

Types of online feedback survey tools:

  1. 360 Degree Survey 

  2. Customer Satisfaction

  3. Net promoter Score (NPS)

  4. Online Survey

How do online feedback survey tools work?

Define survey goals 

Online survey tools help you to set clear survey goals. It helps you in determining the goal that you want to achieve.

Create a survey 

They let you create default survey templates from scratch to take your business to the next level.

Share survey

You can also share your survey via online survey tools and various channels like with social media, SMS, email and web link surveys.

Helpful responses 

Reports in online survey software include a detailed analysis module, which enables you to get an in-depth analysis report of each of the responses. It helps you resolve issues faster and improve customer experience.

Take actions 

Online survey tools notify you of negative feedback. This will help you solve problems of unhappy customers. You can feel free to act quickly to bring efficiency to your work and streamline your efforts.

Ways to use an online feedback survey tool

Send feedback survey link by SMS or Email 

Don’t fret if your recipients don't use an app. You can share the online survey link via email or SMS.

Integrate survey

You can integrate the online survey link with the mobile app to enable employees and customers to assess feedback.

Where can you use online feedback survey tools?

You can find many use cases of online survey tools. Apart from the business sector, there are other industries where online survey tools have become necessary like: 

  • Healthcare units and hospitals

  • Hotels and restaurants

  • Banks and financial sectors

  • Employee feedback

  • Events and exhibitions 

  • Education and academics

  • Marketing and lead generation

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