B2B Blog Structures to Drive Audience Attention, Increase Engagement
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Top 7 Compelling Formats to Write an Effective Business Blog Post

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jul 07, 2022

B2B Blog Structures to Drive Audience Attention

Businesses that publish more than 15 blog posts in a month receive four times more potential customers than those that keep focusing on traditional marketing. The reason behind this is an eye-catching blog structure and informative content, of course.

Once you start writing a blog post for your business, you may find yourself experimenting with multiple formats. But before that take a look at the basics you need to keep in mind before framing a blog post.

  • Attention-grabbing headline: A title to attract the reader's attention  
  • An introduction – A brief insight into your post  
  • How-to-guides- A detailed list of guides including the numbers that drive user's attention  
  • Conclusion - Summarising the how-to blog by explaining the key takeaways in a short paragraph.  
  • Bonus tip - A how-To-Post including instruction video content, CTA and the slide deck can be an engaging way to attract the maximum audience.

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Here's a Scoop of Seven-Most Opted and Highly Useful Blog Post Formats You Can Use:

#1. The How-To-PostHow-To-Post

The How-To-Post format is one of the most popular and plays an integral role in the B2B market because of two foremost reasons:

  • Go-to format for educational content that falls under inbound marketing content 
  • To drive organic traffic from various search engines as people look for tutorial-type content 


  • X ways to ... 
  • 7 compelling ways to ...

#2. The ‘What’ Post

The ‘What’ Post

If you want to brand any specific concept, spotlight it and let your audience know why it is relevant to them. This format emphasises the answer of what by ensuring to meet the reader's expectations, focusing on the importance and relevance of the subject.

Keep in mind that you are the expert in the subject, not your readers. You can present the subject in a simplified and easy-to-understand format to your readers by stressing on the ‘what’.    

Avoid unnecessary use of jargon, use analogies whenever needed to let your readers understand your point of view  and keep the sentences meaningful, clear, consistent and concise.


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#3. The ‘Why’ Post

The ‘Why’ Post

Unlike the 'what' posts, 'why' posts are also introductory wherein you can introduce your product or services to draw the user's attention. For instance, why is a specific product essential to me? Why should I care about the product and so on.    

Bonus Tip:- ‘Why' posts are great competitors for Google's featured snippets to search for answers to all the questions that start with why.


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#4. The ‘List’ Post

The ‘List’ Post

The 'list' post is also known as the listicle, a mash-up of the list. It is the well-known blog format that most businesses opt for nowadays. You can cover several reasons, facts, secrets, formats, structure, solutions and many more in a ‘list’ post.


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#5. The ‘Curated’ Post

A curated post is basically a pool of different valuable resources about a specific topic. However, research in a curated post is time-consuming. Curated posts are best to build a healthy relationship with other businesses, bloggers and collaborate with others. In addition, they are also best for aggregate content, building trust with readers and so on.   

Bonus tip: If another blogger reaches out to you for guest posting, then don't miss the chance to ask for the do-follow link to be added to their page.   


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#6. The ‘Fun or Culture’ Post 

The ‘Fun or Culture’ Post

Such type of posts are light reads. They don’t necessarily require a particular format to be followed. If you are writing fun facts and ideas, then it doesn't mean you don't have personality traits and a sense of humour. What matters the most? An engaging way to keep building your audience's interest.    

Weekends and calendar holidays are the best time to write such a blog post. Don't forget to keep your buyer persona in mind, ensuring the content is entertaining, intriguing or resonates with your readers. 


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#7. The ‘Infographic’ Post

The ‘Infographic’ Post

Visuals are attention-grabbing and that is what makes the audience remain glued to your posts.  Such a format proves beneficial to B2B Marketers because they have a lot of information about their brand (product and services). However, its best for them to introduce their brand in the visual form to give their audience a crystal clear picture of their services and products. The infographic post requires a lot of effort but once done, the results are rewarding. 

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In short, infographic posts are an incredible way to let your users become aware of your brand, attract them and push them down the sales funnel. 


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Note that your traffic numbers will not magically increase even if you are consistently posting content. Don't forget post readability, consistency, eye-catching CTA (call-to-action), relevant images, highlights and crispy meta descriptions to pull the reader's attention.

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