What is Intelligent Content? | Top 4 AI Tools for Intelligent Content
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4 Top AI Tools You Should be Use to Create Intelligent Content

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TransFunnel Consulting Jun 07, 2019

Content is something that has made the best of us spend a lot of energy and time on it when it’s not working for us. Because yes, developing great and attractive content is both art and science. For attracting the right people, content needs to be compelling and be strategised comprehensively. We all have heard of developing creative content but what is Intelligent Content?

Well, creativity is an important aspect of intelligent content but it’s not solely that. As marketers, closing people who would like to buy from you is always a victory and AI tools have played an important role in that. AI tools automate and execute content and suggest evidence-based strategies in a fraction of time. Let’s take a look at what intelligent content is and what difference do AI tools make in delivering it right.

What is Intelligent Content?

To make it simple, intelligent content is the right content that is delivered to the right person at the right time through the right channel. In other words, your content is intelligent if it is structurally rich, logical, semantic, relevant, consistent, and adaptable to the ones you’re delivering it to. With the advancement in technology, it is no more a hit and trial method to publish content where you wait to see whether it is working for you or not. With AI tools, content creation includes more strategies than instincts, which revolves around the needs of the audience, which again, is identified with the help of advanced marketing tools. 

“Content intelligence is the technology that helps content understand itself - what it’s about, what it speaks, how effective it is at accomplishing certain goals, what emotions it calls to mind, etc.”- Ryan Skinner, Forrester

AI content tools help in automatically generating content, using chatbots for user interaction, customising user’s social media feeds, and improving prediction accuracy. Let’s discuss how some of the top AI tools are helping the growth of businesses by strategising, automating, and executing content to the right audience.   

The Best AI tools for Intelligent Content

Content intelligence is about transforming data into actionable insights, which helps in developing content tactics and strategies. Take a look at the facts and you’ll know the major changes that AI will bring to your business growth.

Here’s a list of the top tools that are popular for content intelligence dominance:

1. HubSpot 

HubSpot Content Strategy Tool works by discovering and ranking the topics relevant to you and your customers. Based on relevance, popularity, and competition, HubSpot also suggests topics and gives you access to monthly search data. This will help you in estimating the top-ranked topics’ role in gaining organic traffic. HubSpot’s Integrated Content tool lets you create and focus on important topic clusters and manage them on a single dashboard. Its as-you-type advice feature gives real-time SEO tips on the same page that you’re working on. Monitoring search traffic is also one of its features that lets you know which topics are working best for you and measure the ROI. 


CONCURED has a lot of features specifically for content creation, personalisation, comparing and tracking performance, and content audit. Through this fully automated AI-powered feature, CONCURED can personalise your content to get maximum conversions, allows creating content that resonates with the audience and fills content gaps. Besides this, it can estimate whether you have employed the right content strategy or not and compares if it is meeting the set benchmark with your company itself as well as your competitors. CONCURED also runs content audits and gives you an automated and consolidated report on the content that you and your competitors produce, thus reducing content wastage and increasing ROI. 

3. BrightEdge

A global leader in SEO and content performance marketing, BrightEdge has one integrated solution that blends content search intent discovery, personalisation, optimisation, content creation, and performance measurement. It uses AI technology to identify the most searched keywords or content and allows to streamline your content strategy accordingly to bring in more traffic. BrightEdge helps content creators to develop smart and relevant content faster, where Page Reporting lets you identify the best and least working content pieces. Data Cube lets you know the type of content that is earning profit and providing ROI opportunities, Site Report helps you in running audits across channels, and StoryBuilder helps you track results. 

4. Crayon

Crayon uses machine learning and helps in generating new ideas and providing information on competitor websites to take inspiration from. Content development is not always a cake walk. At some point in time, the strategists do hit saturation where finding new ideas gets difficult. Crayon makes it easy for you by giving insights about your competitors’ content strategy, their target audience, and the message that they intend to convey. Once you get a picture of what your competitors are doing, you can analyse the data and decide to take action in terms of sales enablement, product decisions, and optimisation of marketing campaigns.

Quick Refresher

Using AI-powered technology saves you a huge chunk of time which can be utilised in managing other important tasks. Also, AI empowers you with the knowledge regarding your target audience, its needs and expectations from your business, and your progress in delivering the right message at the right time. With a great content intelligence tool like these, creating and tracking content becomes easy, which helps you with further business growth and becoming a leader of your industry, one that other businesses look up to for inspiration! 

Which content tool are you using for your business? Share with us in the comments below. 

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