Why is data security important in Salesforce?
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Why is data security in Salesforce important?

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TransFunnel Consulting Nov 02, 2021

Data and the significance of securing it

Data security 

It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility. On the same lines, when these powers are considered as Information Technology (IT) and its rising significance, data security is vital for information stored or accessed in a working process. 

Presently, breaching of data has become common irrespective of any reason. This is where data security comes into play.

Cloud-computing and Salesforce

Most of the data stored or is accessed over the internet is stored over a platform called cloud storage. Typically, it is a cloud computing model, which eventually helps the internet to store its data and all of this is done by a cloud computing provider (who operates and manages the storage of information or data by providing it as a service). Similarly, Salesforce.com, Inc is a cloud-based software company. It offers customer relationship management (CRM) and a complementing portfolio of business tools for marketing automation, consumer support, application development and analytics.

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Overview of data security in Salesforce

Furthermore, as far as data security in Salesforce is concerned, they ensure you provide a service where only registered members of the organization are allowed to access the stored data. This is why they provide a service, which eventually helps keep data safe from corruption, unauthorized access and theft amid its complete lifecycle. 

To provide this assurance, Salesforce utilizes one of the most authentic and advanced technologies existent for internet security. For instance, if you are planning to create an application for the recruitment processes in your organization, then the perks offered by Salesforce and their platform for creating a model will help you significantly. Moreover, the given platform will allow you to have an app in which all the security norms required to be maintained, will be implemented accordingly. 

The eligible candidates will fill their personal details in the application, and the organization will have to take care of the information to ensure their reputation as well as to gain the trust of its employees. Moreover, with the layered and flexible sharing model of Salesforce, it becomes easier to assign the data set to various users based on the requirements, without any fear of data leakage or breach. Salesforce might not be 100% secure, but yet the service and models they provide are comparatively better than the other existing platforms. 

Data access levels

Data uploaded, stored or accessed is required to be kept safe and secure, not just from unauthorized access or theft, but also from employees of an organization. There are instances where a manager wants his seniors to have access to some data but also wants to hide or not share that data with his own team. In such instances, levels of data access are found useful. According to these levels offered by the Salesforce platform, you can control the access eligibility. Moreover, they provide several levels for the same, which are described below accordingly. 


An admin or administrator is assigned to manage the entire allowance to the users, which are given access to use Salesforce by an organization. With all these offerings, your organization can handle authorized users, set limits in login hours, locations of login along with providing passwords for all authorized users.


Providing access to certain objects to users is one of the simplest tasks for an administrator, who is asked by the CEO or founders to provide access to certain objects to a certain group of people. Further, while doing the same, the admin also has access to restrict the users to write, add, edit, delete, create or even view the object, which is asked to be hidden from an individual or a group of people. 


To describe the field properly, objects can be compared with tables and eventually fields can be compared with rows and columns in the table. Moreover, there are cases that require access to work over an object, but alongside it is also needed to restrict a user from a specific field. In such cases, this level of data access is used or implemented. For example, we can allow an interviewer to see the object of details of new hirings but cannot give him/her the access to see the field of salary details. 


Records are the particular elements stored in the rows and columns of a table, where rows and columns are fields and tables are objects. Here, we can restrict any user access to a record, although he has an allowance to view or work on the rest of the object. 

There are significant perks, which are provided by Salesforce such as simplified collaboration and optimized processing. This can help your organization to work significantly and eventually help it to grow more.


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