Getting Started With Revenue Operations In 2023 
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Start-Up Vs Enterprise: How To Get Started With RevOps? 

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jan 12, 2023

Accomplish Business Growth With Unison Using RevOps 

The goal of revenue operations or RevOps is to keep all teams focused on revenue while aligning sales, marketing and customer success operations throughout the whole customer life cycle. This comprehensive plan aims to do away with departmental silos.

In other words, a RevOps team makes sure that all sales and marketing team members share responsibility for generating sales growth. 

How do they accomplish this? Let's first take a closer look at how a RevOps team helps in marketing operations.

Why Many Companies Are Adopting RevOps?

RevOps Strategy

While it may not seem a necessity at first glance, investing in RevOps can drastically change the way your business functions. Let’s see how. 

1. RevOps improves operational efficiency by bringing various teams together and utilising all of their combined knowledge and expertise to support revenue growth. 

2. It can help increase employee satisfaction rates. When employees are made to feel like a part of a bigger team and a common cause, it encourages them to be their best version, while also enhancing productivity along the way. 

3. RevOps also helps reduce costs by allowing shared access to accurate data, minimising human errors, optimising the use of resources and prioritising tasks and responsibilities.  

4. By helping different teams obtain accurate customer data as well as analysing it to produce useful insights, marketing, sales and service teams can increase customer satisfaction and retention rates to a great extent.

Maximise Business Revenue Potential With RevOps Strategy

Startups Vs. Enterprises: Know The Difference

Parameters Startups Enterprise 

User and product adoption acquisition

Customers are obtained using marketing techniques in consumer startups. In a consumer startup, word-of-mouth and other forms of viral marketing plays a vital role.

They concentrate on promoting the use of their paid product through sales strategies and marketing operations. For business startups to succeed, a solid sales strategy is crucial.

Sales and Implementation Cycle

The sales process in consumer startups is 1:1 in nature and is focused on consumers

There are numerous decision-makers in enterprise startups.

Pre-sales staff is typically employed by enterprise organisations, sometimes in a 1:1 ratio with salespeople.

For effective business sales, it’s wise to look for a revenue operations consultant that may help boost your overall sales figure.

User data and feedback

An early-stage startup will lack information about its users, their needs or how they intend to utilise the product because it does not yet have a product in the market.

Enterprises often have a particular level of maturity; they have experience in their field and a track record of success.

Implement Revenue Operations As A Function

For all the departments to collaborate rather than working individually, it’s important to unite them using RevOps.

1. Assess Your Customer Journey 

Looking at your business from the perspective of your customers is one of the finest ways to gauge how well the revenue side of your business is performing. Dissect the actions that clients take to discover a solution while using services from your organisation. 

2. Unify Your Data

Ensuring that departments collaborate to maximise potential revenue is one of RevOps' benefits. Data unification is an advantage of implementing revenue operations. But there's another advantage to combining sales data. It will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the state of your company. If you have a problem unifying your data, consider a dedicated revenue operations company to do it for you!

3. Eliminate Software Redundancies 

Different departments utilising various programmes might lead to internal conflict and impede efficient communication. Make it apparent that you want to make work simpler for everyone, not harder. Ask each team to manage the marketing operations they employ in terms of importance, usefulness and necessity. 

4. Select An Operations Leader With A RevOps Mentality

By the way, you don't necessarily need to hire new employees or even start new divisions; all you need is a leader with the appropriate mindset in your organisation. This specialist may be the only one who fully comprehends the quirks and requirements of your business and simultaneously enhances your marketing operations.

Let's Understand The Revenue Operations Framework

5. Coordinated Teams, Data And Organisational Processes 

RevOps has a component that focuses on how businesses view their expansion. Instead of dividing into separate divisions, Revenue Operations is dedicated to bridging the gap between revenue creation and teams. You must choose a productive revenue operations company if you want to connect business and data.

6. Create SLAs & Metrics To Evaluate Success

SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are one of the best strategies to synchronise your marketing and sales objectives. These are the best tools for defining your company's objectives and reaching departmental agreements. For assistance, you may choose the revenue operations company to create metrics for your business success. 


After knowing what a RevOps consultant can do for you and how useful RevOps is for your company, it’s time that you organise your sales and marketing operations teams around the most important criteria. Simply put, a consistent strategy makes the job of RevOps much simpler. Additionally, the best revenue operations consultant like TransFunnel can help you to accelerate your data maturity faster.

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