Top 7 Benefits Of RevOps For Your Business
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7 Benefits Of Implementing Revops In A Company

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Dec 26, 2022

Let’s Reduce The Friction In The Flywheel, Adopt Revops

Today, we no longer consider growth as a funnel, but rather term it a flywheel. From acquiring customers, delighting, engaging and retaining them, a flywheel keeps spinning to restart the cycle. And, Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the inner ring of this flywheel!

Revenue Operations or RevOps reduces friction along with providing lubrication to the 3 biggest areas of every business – marketing, sales and service operations.

RevOps makes sure that these 3 operations accelerate smoothly. That being said, it’s important to understand the role of revenue operations. RevOps is all about aligning the revenue goals throughout sales, marketing and services to boost business success.

With this, you can now say goodbye to silos sales, marketing and customer success operations. Everything can be operated under one roof with HubSpot RevOps. Align your data, teams and processes by implementing a RevOps strategy and see your business scale.

Benefits of Implementing RevOps

Top 7 Benefits Of RevOps

Whether you’re ready or not, we’re all set to move toward the new world! A world full of multi-move thinking, consultive sales, product-led growth, focus on the lifetime value of bookings, unified sales & marketing and much more. 

Let’s unveil the benefits of RevOps!

1. Aligning Teams For One Clear Vision

Did you know that the rise in RevOps is because the companies have now realised that providing delightful experiences to the customers is possible with the better alignment of marketing, sales and service department? This is the key ingredient of revenue generation.

Aligning Teams for One Clear Vision

The advantage of working towards one clear vision is hundredfold. Instead of department-centric goals, encourage everyone to flow in the same direction.

When you hire a RevOps consultant, they help you in aligning all the departments of your organisation towards a single goal. And, it’s important to note, good things happen when we work together. Once you invest in RevOps, you’re all set for better visibility, better alignment and most importantly, greater revenue!

What is RevOps?

2. Accurate Data Driven Decisions

Have you ever heard, ‘What gets measured gets managed’? That’s true!

Accurate Data Driven Decisions

However, if you’ve bad measurements, there would be bad management. RevOps enters the picture here. Revenue operations is a pro at fixing messy data in two possible ways -

  • It helps your teams to align and get on the same page making sure that you’re all looking for the data in a similar way.  
  • It aids you in identifying what data has to be managed, leaving the cluttered and dirty data behind.

So, with a clean and shared vantage point on analysing data, your team can now begin to make meaningful changes with all the data-based decisions that are trustworthy.

3. Quick Sales Cycle And Smoother Sale Processes

When one of us shines, all of us shine.

Instead of harping on things that marketing and sales aren’t working right, put out your time and effort into solving sticky points of marketing, sales, service process together. By resolving conflicts, you discover more ways to serve your ideal clients. This leads to an increase in the sales cycle time. RevOps is a tool that gets your organisation’s flywheel spinning really quick.

The faster it is, the lesser the barrier in the sales process. The more sales you close and how quickly you close them is a sign of a winning ROI that no one can beat!

4. Planning Everything Strategically

A huge perk of RevOps is that it allows excellent strategic planning. Marketing & sales were distinct goals in a siloed and traditional structure and even contradicted each other. This led to waste of time, potential and resources.

Planning Everything Strategically

However, with the unification of marketing, sales and service departments, all the teams strategically work together towards one goal leading to achieving these goals efficiently and quickly.

5. Using Technology & Tools Efficiently

RevOps is all about doing more with what you already have. That is the foremost thing that makes it an effective business practice that you can rely on. It means you won’t have to spend more money to implement RevOps. There are more chances that you don’t need to spend more money to implement RevOps because there might be tools and technology that aren’t being leveraged. RevOps will help you maximise the usage of those already existing tools before you consider investing in a fresh one.

RevOps Technology And Tools

RevOps is about making use of tools & technology in an optimal manner. Once RevOps is implemented in your process, you’ll see a change in data gathering and capturing information. The process gets cleaner and you get hold of the trustworthy data quickly without any hassle.

With RevOps, get ready for more effective tools & automation. Clean data, awesome automation and efficiency, that’s what RevOps brings to the table!

6. Memorable Experience For Team & Clients

One of the ultimate benefits of RevOps is better experience for everyone who’s involved in the RevOps implementation process. Because, it’s all about streamlining your company towards one goal – REVENUE.

Memorable Experience For Team and Clients

This makes the work of your team exceptionally clear towards the vision. Plus, they’ve the opportunity to work on the obstacles on the way together. This moves forward to creating a perfect environment for everyone’s growth. A healthy, collaborative and stable environment can do wonders and foster a functional team.

Moreover, when RevOps is implemented the right way, the team delivers faster, better and more efficiently to the clients as well. It’s truly a win-win!

7. The Power Of Measurement

The major benefits RevOps drives in measurement are:

  • Improved forecasting, measurement and forecasting
  • Aligned metrics & KPIs
  • Single source of truth for all reports, metrics and KPIs

Success can be tracked easily if you have clarity on the metrics & KPIs. Also, it’s equally important to agree on how it’s counted and measured in all the departments. Viewing everything in the same way and measuring it accordingly are the biggest benefits of Revenue Operations.


RevOps has a host of advantages, but at the same time it isn’t easy. The idea of RevOps implementation in a company is definitely exciting, but thinking about its implementation gives you a pause. You need consistent planning of resources and constant evaluation of processes. And, that’s taxing!

This is where TransFunnel can help. Being the #1 HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner and the ONLY HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified (AIC) partner in India. Revenue operations consultant, TransFunnel fulfills the goal of maximising revenue growth faster for businesses ranging from startups to enterprises using RevOps strategy.

Do more with less using RevOps!