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How and Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Apr 28, 2022

Focus on what you must, leave the rest to this assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. This will also decide your business growth until you have someone in your organisation to whom you may delegate that task. 

Why do you need a virtual assistant? 

Business owners do not perform all the tasks on their own. They create systems and engage people to help them. And a new business can mean a lot of work. This is where hiring a virtual assistant becomes important. This feature can help you focus on tasks that will have the most impact on your business and income.

Why do you need Virtual Assistant

Advantages of hiring a virtual assistant

  • You don't need a physical office to run your business
  • Virtual assistants are reasonably priced
  • You aren't constrained by local talent
  • You can spend more time honing your skills
  • You can focus on high-value, revenue-generating activities

Types of virtual assistants


The first thing that may come to your mind while wanting to hire a virtual assistant is what it can do for you. Knowing the types of virtual assistants is vital before you hire one. 

There are various types of virtual assistants and it's critical to understand which one is most suited for the activities you want to outsource. 

1. General virtual assistant:- This is a common type of virtual assistant for your business who takes your instructions and helps you to run your business. They can schedule your meeting, monitor your emails or travel itinerary, make appointments, data entry, research and schedule a social media post and more.

2. Virtual assistant with expertise:- A specialised virtual assistant is someone who excels in a specific skill set and may assist you in growing your business. They are experts in their fields and do not need any training from you. Tasks such as cleaning your CRM data, managing your website, project management, CRM management, paid advertising, SEO, content strategy, marketing automation and more fall under this category. 

You can hire your expert virtual assistant using the below profiles:

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