How to Explore the synergy between MarTech and SMEs
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How SMEs can leverage MarTech for business growth

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Dec 28, 2021

Exploring the synergy between MarTech and SMEs

Looking at a bigger chunk of the technology change that’s always on the go, we have realized that we have traveled a long way right from the internet boom till the chatbots era. With these technological advancements, it has now become crucial to understand what is the best way that technology can play a vital role in leveraging business acumen and portfolio, with a broader outlook and this is where marketing automation and tools come into the picture. 

The bigger picture that we see is our dependence on technology and eventually marketing automation especially for smaller organisations. We are pretty much using the same to automate the days of our lives! Right from using GPS to hunting for the nearest grocery store to ordering online stuff, technology has come a long way to improve our lives significantly. 

The same is the need for the organizations across to inculcate technology in order to enhance the sales and marketing efficiency. Let us look at how marketing automation can help garner the best results for the entire marketing overview. 

How to align marketing goals with MarTech?

Let’s assume that we have multiple tasks to fulfil. What do we do in order to save time? We automate it! Organizations preload content, emails, and ads to trigger whenever new contacts or prospects meet certain criteria. Let’s take an example of an accountancy business selling services to both contractors and SMEs. 

Imagine the same scenario if implemented especially with the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in place. For most of them, it becomes a mammoth task for having all their marketing goals aligned in place – most of the time it is because of budget constraints or not having the right approach and the right set of people too. 

How MarTech benefits SMEs?

Marketing automation has the power to create a mammoth difference in the fortunes of companies. Marketing technology (MarTech) or marketing automation can be the showstoppers for any sales and marketing functional overview. It can benefit SMEs in a long-term expansion and map growth beyond measure. If any investment must be done it has to be implemented with the right set of tools and platforms in marketing technology, it will help you achieve goals faster and exceed your competitors. Marketing automation plays a vital role in pulling all the data in one place. 

The right optimum use of any marketing automation tool or platform can help you make the business smart, more efficient and give you extra time to complete the tasks in order to increase one’s chances of having the competitive marketing landscape. Marketing automation will give a boost to the SMEs as they can now work on the new sophisticated automation software easily and large businesses tend to focus on more enterprise focused solutions.

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The most popular marketing automation tools i.e. HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo and Mailchimp are designed for use in companies with less than 200 employees. What works for them is the customer acquisition scalability and the models they look at. The quantity and quality of mails that can be sent from an individual vis-à-vis an automated system will have a higher impact and a wider reach. Look at this scenario when you can garner X amount of leads on an average basis and post using the automation, you can even garner a X2 amount of leads with a wider reach. This increase in the value of X has been derived from using the various automation tools and platforms. By maximizing the number of quality conversations as an SME business, you can have your own potential customers! 

Marketing automation, on the other hand, allows an organization to advertise and communicate around the clock in the most customized way to potential customers. Having smart automation is now the need of the hour in terms of how the business can attract the potential audience, educate and convert the prospects with the help of a sales funnel. 

The sales and marketing team works as the primary face where the lead is captured, nurtured and sent to the main wheel i.e., sales team. The sales team ensures that the opportunity is captured. But here, the twist is most of the times the sales and marketing need to be connected or interlinked with each other. The sales team needs to have a clue about the engagement history of the lead, which at times results in low conversion rates. Keeping the same in mind, it hence becomes very important to have marketing automation in place. On an average, a customer completes 60% of the buyer’s journey before getting in touch with the sales team. A good marketing automation software can help you transition users to customers. 

In a nutshell, SMEs can use the fast-paced consumed marketing automation available across the globe to challenge themselves to rise ahead. The SMEs have an opportunity to plug themselves into the system ahead for a better and a clear picture, which will then help them to achieve the desired results. 

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