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Know the Difference Between Push Marketing and Pull Marketing

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TransFunnel Consulting Mar 09, 2022

Strategies and types to attract audience

Push marketing in the literal sense signifies the marketing activities that help a business to portray a brand in front of their target audience. On the contrary, pull marketing refers to the marketing strategies that are deployed by the firm in order to increase the footfall for the company. Both push and pull marketing strategies account for building a sound digital marketing strategy for an organisation. Eminent business experts are of the opinion that a pull marketing strategy helps businesses attain the long term goals while push marketing strategies drive an instant upliftment of the right cash flows to append growth for the firm.

Push marketing: An insight

Push Marketing as the name suggests is aimed to push a product or service to customers as part of promoting the business. Push marketing strategy works in a shorter time frame and helps a company draw a significant number of customers towards the brand. This form of marketing adheres to the conventional promotional activities like print or media advertising. In short, it means direct marketing techniques for amassing customers.

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Pull marketing: An overview

Pull marketing is the name given to the marketing strategy that eventually results in a surge in the customer base. Companies use a plethora of social media platforms as well as digital strategies that are essential to raise interest among the customers about a product.

From the perspective of digital marketing, both push marketing as well as pull marketing strategies are vital for the promotion of a product.

The major differences between the two forms of marketing are that while in push marketing, customers are directly reached through direct mail or email marketing, pull marketing emphasises on online marketing through search engine optimisation (SEO) tools and paid ads. 

Key tools used in push marketing

  • Print advertising: Push marketing uses print media for mailers and print ads to promote a product or service to reach out to customers.

  • CRM: A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is massively used in push marketing strategies so that a database of customers can be maintained and nurtured with time. 

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Main tools used in pull marketing

  • Social media advertising: Social media marketing is majorly used in pull marketing to draw customers using social media and create an awareness about the brand. 

  • SEO tools: SEO tools like Google search engine and others are helpful for creating a pull marketing strategy in digital marketing.

Avid digital marketers are of the opinion that both push marketing and pull marketing are effective in their own ways. It depends on the kind of marketing strategy we want to build. While in push marketing we focus on targeted promotional strategy for customers, with pull marketing we gradually create awareness about  our brand to enable customers to reach out to us.

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