9 Management Lessons From A 9-Month-Old
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9 Management Lessons You Can Learn From A 9-Month-Old

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jul 22, 2022

9 Management Lessons From A 9-Month-Old

“Congratulations! You are going to be parents!”  

It has been 18 months since we heard this and our lives have changed ever since. A positive change. We never knew our little bundle of joy could bring us so much happiness doubled with lessons in management strategy.

Month by month as our little one grew, I realised there is so much to learn from her. My 9-month-old is my management consultant. How? I elaborate below:

DISCLAIMER: This is purely subjective to one’s point of view. I have always been a ‘half glass full’ person and will try and find a learning in every situation. You may or may not agree. 

LESSON 1: Give everything its time

All that is beautiful, perfect and lovable takes its own time to build and develop just like a baby takes to grow for 9 months.  

My learning: Often, we see clients rushing and pushing for deliverables and expecting a miraculous result. Similar in cases of a product or service where organisations are always in a hurry to launch. Give it time. Rome was not built in a day!  

LESSON 2: Testing is crucial

My partner had to go through several tests laid out in phases in the span of 9 months. These checks were to monitor the baby’s development and her health as well.  

My learning: Similarly, every product/service needs to be checked at regular intervals to ensure it’s growing perfectly as expected. The checks must also be for the organisation in terms of revenue, market share and so on.

LESSON 3: Go-to-market strategy

When our little one finally decided to enter the world, traditions and rituals had to be followed at the right time – from naming ceremony to feeding the first morsel of rice.

My learning: When you enter a new market with a product or service, always make sure you do it in phases, involve the right people with the right marketing strategy at the right time. 

LESSON 4: Make your demands heard

When she cries, we know she is hungry/sleepy. She makes herself heard by the right people at the right time.

My learning: When you work for an organisation, always ensure your demands and/or what you need is heard by the right people. In the case of your product/service, keep an ear out to all the demand cries for it from the hungry markets. 

LESSON 5: Upskill

From the first day till date our baby keeps learning new skills every day. From smiling to trying to converse like adults, rolling over to crawling to now being able to stand on her own to eventually now being able to walk with support, she has learnt a new skill every day.

My learning: Likewise, ensure you are adding new features to your product/service at regular intervals. For a professional, keep the learning curve growing. If you haven’t had at least a line to update in your profile in three months, you are doing something wrong.  

LESSON 6: Build your network

When she was born, our angel would only cling on to her mother. Eventually she started seeing me as an acquaintance. Then she welcomed other family members into her circle of trust. She is now 9 months old and the entire neighborhood wants to play with her.  

My learning: For a professional, this is probably the most crucial learning. Always build a network of marketing consulting people no matter what domain you work in. In case of a product/service, keep your client network strong. Referrals will always give you the added revenue boost at no extra cost.

LESSON 7: Work-life balance

Give yourself time! Our baby has a schedule -- Eat, play, sleep, repeat. Irrespective of the weather, people around or any situational change, she ensures she does everything on time.  

My learning: Give yourself the required time and pampering no matter the work stress, family/peer pressure or any external factors. 

LESSON 8: Protect yourself

Every month our baby has at least one vaccination dose scheduled

My learning: Till your product/service becomes mature, it will require regular maintenance and preventive measures against external threats. From an organisational perspective, keep your insurance and policies in check regularly.

LESSON 9: Plan the next one at the right time

The pressure around us is building up to have another baby, a sibling for our little one. 

My learning: The market will always push you for newer products or services and portfolio expansion, but do it only when you are ready. DO your SWOT analysis and then think of entering the market with a new product/service. Bite only what you can chew!

In a nutshell, as my Guru sleeps peacefully in her cradle, I write this peacefully while fully knowing that these learnings over the days, months and years will grow to teach me more management lessons. 

To all the new/old parents, let me know if you can relate or share a different opinion. I would love to hear your views on what your toddler is teaching you or has taught you.

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