Content marketing strategy tips for successful user engagement
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Rev up your content marketing strategy to enhance user engagement

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TransFunnel Consulting Sep 21, 2021

What works in your content marketing strategy for better user engagement?

Having a chunk of content on a website is great but, are they relevant or updated to suit the current trends in content marketing strategy? Is your content optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you gain relevant traction (impressions, clicks, and click-through rate)? Is it performing well and fulfilling all the purposes? If not, it is high time you tweaked your content marketing strategy. A successful content engagement strategy starts with research and ends with performance measurement. 

Repurpose your content in different formats, including blogs, pillar pages, ebooks, infographics, brochures, videos, on-demand webcasts, and more. This firstly pushes your content to customers present on different platforms and engage in conversations, which can bring in valuable feedback for your content marketing strategy. Below are seven ways you can reach out to your target personas with value-adding efforts.

Build a content engagement plan

Building yourself as a thought leader in your niche is just the first step, but not the final one. It all comes down to engaging your audience consistently. Creating content themes on trending topics, based on in-depth research is the best step to develop an engagement strategy. Whilst making a content engagement strategy, make sure your content is of the highest value to your audience as you progress through different stages of the content marketing program. Avoid creating content in bulk, instead focus on its uniqueness.

Define Your Audience

Maintaining a sharp focus on your readers should be one of the key elements in your entire content strategy. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you reach out to a much larger audience, a content strategy concentrates on driving a message to a single customer segment. Aligning your content marketing plan with targeted pitching helps you identify your audience in the long run.

Bridge the gap between content and audience

Building online credibility is one of the first steps you must focus on, not just your company’s, but also your own, as we all know “people do businesses with people they like”. Here content engagement can measure your performance as a thought leader. 


A study by Domo, a cloud software company, reveals that there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day and this number is only increasing. The audience plays a dual role of an influencer as well as a curator by sharing your content across different platforms, including social media channels. This makes it imperative to convince users with your message and creativity as the audience today are smart enough to detect a genuine approach from an exaggerated attempt to connect.

Deliver high quality content

Knowing what your customer is looking for helps you deliver high-value content whilst bolstering your business growth. Not to mention, the availability of numerous content marketing platforms has made it significantly easier for marketers to create and share customer-centric content regularly. As a content marketer, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on what your target audience, competitors, and industry influencers are talking about. While generating a content marketing strategy, ensure you add a strong and valid CTA to engage an audience in meaningful conversations and finally, conversions.

Maintain consistency

Delivering content online in a timely fashion through blog posts, pillar pages, ebooks, newsletters, brochures, press releases, and social media updates allows you to deliver the marketing messages for an unparalleled impact. For the fact that maintaining consistency becomes hectic when one is not sticking to an editorial calendar with an itinerary for all the content that needs to be published in sync with campaigns.

Generating fresh content and new customers is one thing, but retaining and nurturing are the most important aspects when it comes to any business. Be prepared for post-sales queries and FAQs content to keep your customers enticed and loyal to the brand.

Measure, measure, and measure

Keeping a tab on your content performance through different channels like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other marketing automation tools gives you enough understanding of how the content is performing or if it needs optimization. Here social media, email newsletters, and paid ad campaigns help your business with brand awareness while letting you analyze content performance. Engagement on different social media channels shows how findable your content is. Furthermore, retweets, re-shares, and re-pins on social channels reflect the shareability quotient. 

Last but not the least, engage

Studies have shown that audiences prefer to engage when a brand tends to reach out to them through personalized messages. Note that an audience today is not just a passive recipient of our marketing messages and collateral. To grow, brands need to indulge in engagement marketing to reach out to their audience with informative and thought-provoking content.

As a content marketer or content strategist, you ought to realize that the scope of content marketing is not just limited to content generation and execution. Value-adding content ultimately creates an enhanced user experience for your target audience that keeps coming back to get their pain point resolved. Need help to overcome your marketing challenges, reach out to us today!

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