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5 Ways to Leverage Revenue Operations in HubSpot

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TransFunnel Consulting Jan 05, 2023

Revenue Operations, also referred to as RevOps, is an automated business process that unites customer service, marketing, sales, operations, and finance to foster business growth and predictable revenue.  

When it comes to reaping the most out of revenue operations in HubSpot, you can leverage it for the above-mentioned departments independently or together to improvise revenue streams. But, the largest difficulty in developing a RevOps engine is probably managing the evolving changes in technology. However, assembling a HubSpot RevOps Services also necessitates the implementation of cutting-edge technology, like cloud-based software. 

Once you have all the right tools in place, you can conduct revenue activities. HubSpot CRM also helps you leverage RevOps engine with the proper implementation and end-to-end approach. 

Even HubSpot claims that businesses using RevOps have achieved increases in sales productivity of between 10% and 20% as well as stock performance improvements of over 70%.    

So, let’s find out which possible way can let you make the most out of Revenue Operations for SMB.

Getting started with revenue operations in HubSpot

HubSpot is a RevOps fantasy that has come true for SMBs. It has (almost) everything you need under one software roof to manage your customer journey: 

1. Implement a tech stack

HubSpot revenue operations

If your organization's departments all use various non-integrated tools, alignment across all of them becomes impossible. As a result, silos are formed, which makes it harder for your teams to efficiently communicate data and causes friction in your marketing efforts.  

That's why it's crucial to ensure that more and more tasks are automated to achieve the highest productivity. What's better than identifying the best productivity tools to automate sales, marketing, and customer service tasks?   

HubSpot Revenue Operations offers various integrations with other custom or third-party applications. Even if you integrate HubSpot, your teams can continue using their current tools if they prefer. For instance, if you have an integrated chatbot with HubSpot CRM, you can handle all customer inquiries directly from HubSpot.  

Your teams can upload data from these applications directly into HubSpot by integrating these solutions, making them accessible to everyone. Many of these apps can even be launched right from HubSpot. If you encounter any difficulty in implementing such tools, you may consider hiring a dedicated HubSpot CRM expert to do it for you! 

2. Automation with lists and HubSpot workflows

Lists and workflows are the two main automation aspects in HubSpot for managing your operations. Based on data and related record data, lists let you combine your CRM information in countless ways.  

Within your revenue operations services system, you can create workflows that automatically send leads to where they need to go based on their behaviors. Apart from this, you can create and link records in workflows, copy data from one record to another, and adjust property values.  

Amazingly, you can include up to 20 branches in a single workflow. These branches can be used to qualify leads, define contact lifecycle stages, and automatically allocate tasks to your team based on contact activity.

Use RevOps Benefits To The Fullest.

3. Build end-to-end customer experience

HubSpot's data centralization allows you to break down departmental borders. However, removing obstacles in the consumer experience is a bonus. 

You can create a complete customer experience with HubSpot that will keep your contacts and customers interested in your marketing, sales, and service ops. The tool successfully reduces friction that occurs when a lead is transferred from one department to another. The customer shouldn't even be aware of a handoff with the right strategy.

4. Sales, marketing and service aligned using same metrics

The ability to unify all of your departments around a set of common metrics is one of the main advantages of adopting HubSpot experts for RevOps.  

The entire organization, not just particular divisions, is in charge of sales, revenue, and customer experience under the RevOps model. Therefore, just as sales and customer service departments need to be aware of indicators like customer attrition, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and contract renewal rates, so must your marketing team. 

5. Timeline events and engagement

Finally, the interactions that your marketing, sales, service ops, and customer support teams have with a contact, company, transaction, ticket or custom object are likewise recorded in every object record in your HubSpot CRM. This covers procedures like completing a form, going to a website, opening an email or placing a call.  

Each associated object's timeline can have this information. If a customer called to inquire about the status of an order, for instance, you might open a ticket and then log the call as a timeline event on the contact record, along with the associated company and ticket records. This gives you greater visibility, makes segmenting and reporting easier because you can see the data at every level.

Are you ready to set up RevOps for small businesses? 

Revenue Operations for SMB

So, let us tell you that it can be difficult to integrate HubSpot into your current technology stack and convert your business into a RevOps engine. However, with the assistance of HubSpot RevOps Consulting partner or specialists in sales and marketing technology, you can manage the transformation successfully and accelerate the return on investment. 

At TransFunnel, HubSpot RevOps Consulting has helped businesses successfully integrate HubSpot with their Salesforce instances with the assistance of our team of HubSpot experts. You can expand your marketing activities with the aid of our knowledge of marketing automation and practical marketing experience.

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