6 Revenue-Driven RevOps Pillar For Businesses In 2023
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6 Pillars Of Revenue Operations That Drive Consistent Smart Growth

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jan 04, 2023

Grow Your Business With Top 6 RevOps Pillars

For a business to perform well consistently, it needs certain factors (or pillars) to function efficiently. And the only way these pillars can perform efficiently is if they are all aligned with one common goal - to generate the maximum revenue possible. While this seems like a fairly obvious answer, aligning an entire business organisation to function as a single organism working towards a common goal is no child’s play and this is where RevOps comes into the picture.

What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue Operations or RevOps is a term used to describe the complete alignment of different teams in an organisation - marketing, sales and customer service - towards a common goal. By bringing together people, processes and platforms from across departments to work on an overarching strategy, RevOps helps organisations reach their ultimate goal of revenue growth efficiently.

Every day, the business industry becomes more competitive, making it necessary for businesses to go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction. RevOps helps businesses to retain customers with a loyalist post-purchase.

What Is RevOps? Difference Between RevOps Vs Sales Ops Vs Marketing Ops Vs Service Ops 

6 Pillars Of RevOps

In order to better utilise RevOps to enhance revenue operations, it is crucial to understand the 6 pillars of Revops and why they absolutely must be taken into consideration while developing a RevOps strategy.

1. Process

RevOps process

The actions that you take to achieve your business goals and objectives and the order in which they must be undertaken is known as the ‘process’. The main objective of having processes in place is to provide the different teams involved in the sales funnel with a framework that includes tactical actions, manpower, technology and other resources.

When each member of the involved teams have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, it helps increase efficiency to a great extent.

2. Platform

No matter the situation or team involved, dispersion of accurate information is extremely crucial to the process. If the goal of revenue growth is to be achieved, then the people working towards the goal must be able to communicate with complete transparency on a common platform. Furthermore, there are certain tools available today that help track and gather data, as well as reduce human errors. These tools and platforms have today become almost a necessity in improving operations across departments.

Leverage RevOps Benefits For Your Business Growth

3. Data

revops process

When different teams procure data from different sources necessary for business growth, it can lead to a lot of resource wastage and miscommunication. RevOps helps you to collate all your data on one platform for all teams to use. This enables a more data-driven approach within the organisation while facilitating accountability and transparency across departments.

4. Enablement

Earlier, enablement was a term associated only with sales. When it comes to RevOps, the enablement team takes the best of enablement strategies and practices from sales enablement and uses them to support Revenue Operations. When performed correctly, you will soon start to notice increased efficiency in not only sales but also your marketing and customer teams.

5. People

A very important pillar of RevOps are the people who bring the processes and platforms under one umbrella to facilitate and enhance revenue growth. Implementing RevOps may be as straightforward as reshuffling tasks among employees if they already fit the required criteria, or as time-consuming as enlisting outside support or hiring new personnel entirely.

RevOps Execution

These are the people who will be responsible for implementing, overseeing and combining marketing operations, sales operations and service ops while ensuring that they are streamlined enough to achieve the organisational goal through RevOps.

Implement RevOps Strategy For Folster Revenue Operations

6. Execution

The final pillar of RevOps is consistent execution. Your ability to execute RevOps strategies and bring the best out of your teams and processes determines whether or not RevOps can support revenue growth for your business. Even the best plans and efforts can go fruitless if they are not executed correctly and consistently by the right people. 

These pillars are the foundation upon which Revenue Operations is based and pretty much determine whether or not RevOps will benefit your business.  RevOps enables growth but also ensures smart and consistent growth. It helps bring together the various facets of an organisation - from teams to tools and everything in between - to work together and fulfil a unified goal.

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