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3 Social Media Measuring Tools for Business Growth

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jul 04, 2022

Optimise, Up Social Engagement & Brand Presence

Regularly posting on social media and doing the same backed by a social media strategy are two different activities. 

Understanding the requirements of your targeted customers and the way to enhance your marketing strategy are key to up your social media engagement organically.  

In order to do this, you must follow your users’ activities, their posts, what they like and other interests. For this, there are social media measurement tools that can help you increase the efficiency of your social media marketing strategies

6 Key Factors to Boost Your Social Media Presence 

Given below are some of them that you can leverage for your business:

Social Media Listening:

Social Media Listening 

With the help of social media listening tools, you can monitor the conversations taking place about your brand. This tool can provide you with insights into the number of people following your brand and the subsequent improvements your services may need. Reviews from customers can also be monitored. 

Social Media Analytics:  

Social Media Analytics

The conversations of stakeholders on social media channels are analysed to understand the popularity of a brand. These stakeholders are the target audience to survey marketing criteria. When you share a post on social media, your target audience reacts to it by either clicking a like button or by commenting on it. Some share your post. These activities are tracked by social media analytics tools. These tools are mostly used by social media marketing companies to increase their search rankings.

What Does Social Media Marketing Do? How Do I Start With It? 

Social Media Scheduling Tool:  

Social Media Scheduling Tool

You can use a social media scheduling tool to post your content on social media without having to do it manually. This tool will help you to stay organised in terms of managing your social media posts according to your business need.  

Simply put, digital media has made everything easy. You can plan efficient marketing strategies and analyse your market value by leveraging tools like HootSuite and Sprout Social.  

Looking for a solid social media strategy to increase social media engagement? TransFunnel can help.


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