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Top E-Commerce Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

Yashwant Sharma
Yashwant Sharma Mar 17, 2022

Top e-commerce technology trends to follow in 2022

E-commerce technology trends have paved the way for businesses to conduct themselves on the digital platform. With many businesses opting to use an e-commerce platform to enhance their business, it is only set to boom in times to come. 

E-commerce has been successful for many reasons – convenience and reliability. Technology is largely in use for generating a successful e-commerce platform that is beneficial for sellers and buyers. The more enhanced and better the technology, the brighter the future of e-commerce. 

Let us look at the 8 e-commerce technology trends

The unique features of e-commerce technology are what makes the shopping experience of customers reliable and contented. Let us delve deeper into the 8 future e-commerce technology trends:

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR has become a great game changer for online shoppers. With the help of this technology, online shoppers can visualise various products. This works well, particularly with clothes and accessories. It has been introduced in various e-commerce platforms where people can now see how they would actually look wearing a particular item since its emergence in various e-commerce platforms. Customers can choose to buy the products that suit them, before hitting the buy button. AR takes online shopping to a whole new level.

2. Voice Search

Recent decades have seen a trend in voice control systems. Adding the voice system to e-commerce is just another best technology for an e-commerce site with all the benefits it has to offer. Its convenience and effectiveness have led people to increasingly rely on voice search technology. When you can look for something over a voice search, why would you want to waste time typing? Many e-commerce websites have adopted voice search technology. 

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3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI unique features of e-commerce technology will be used on a large scale by e-commerce sites. It is greatly helpful to offer product recommendations and personalised guidance to users. As they seek more ways to enhance personalisation and improve customer services, AI will be used increasingly by retailers. Today, many e-commerce retailers are investing in AI as the best technology for e-commerce sites for the future.

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4. Chatbots

This future of e-commerce is already the reality of many of these websites and it is found to be helpful. Now customers do not need to go through the trouble of calling customer care for order issues. They can use chatbot technology and chat with experts that will help them 24/7. It is convenient for both customers and sellers. They are the best way to provide customer support and provide solutions to various online shopping problems faced by users. It is one of the best features of e-commerce technology for online shopping globally.

5. Online Payment

Online Payment

Today, almost all online shopping sites offer online payment systems and accept various online digital payments. It is reliable and easy for both customers and e-commerce sites. Online payment systems like GPay, PayPal, Paytm and other digital wallets are accepted by many online shopping sites. However, customers should make sure that the e-commerce site protects privacy and the payment is safe. Online payment is largely encouraged by e-commerce sites and it features as one among the technology trends in this industry.

6. Video Product Advertisement

Video product review or advertisement is the new future of e-commerce technology. It is advantageous for consumers when buying products online. They can watch the product details on video through actors wearing or using the product. Many e-commerce sites are using these features to showcase their product quality or to show customers how to use various products.

7. Customer Review

This technology present in e-commerce sites is promising for the future of e-commerce. Customers can write reviews on the products and help others to make a choice. Other customers wanting to buy the product can view the review section to see whether the product is worth buying. Customers’ reviews have been quite helpful for both sellers and customers. With the reviews, sellers or product manufacturers can also bring about a better product in case the product needs additional features. 

8. Mobile Shopping

 Mobile Shopping

The use of mobile for online shopping is increasingly trending since the emergence of online shopping apps. Each day, the number of smartphone users is rising and the role of smartphones in e-commerce traffic is getting quite crucial. According to statistics, a large number of customers shop using their smartphones due to its convenience and reliability. Now, the shopping app features of e-commerce technology are right in your palm, just a click away. 

Smartphone platforms will be part of e-commerce businesses and subscription services will gain greater importance with time. Ensure that you are using an online shopping site that is integrating these e-commerce technology trends for better use.

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