3 Marketing Automation Success Factor by Kapil Arora
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3 Growth-Driven Factor Of Marketing Automation For Business

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 18, 2021

Find Out What Drives Marketing Automation

Automated Business Drivers is primarily steered by lead tracking, automated execution and end-to-end reporting. Everything that marketing automation does, falls under one of these categories.

Let us explore each of these components: 

Lead tracking

Lead tracking is the process of pushing a prospective lead to the next stage of the sales funnel and strike a deal. At TransFunnel, we call a known contact (can be uniquely identified) in the system as a lead. Tracking the lead across all marketing channels, starting from form filling (and even before form filling in a few cases) to the final conversion lost/won, marketing automation is a friend in need. It tracks and tags every interaction a lead has gone through the whole lifecycle stages for future use.

Automated Execution

The above demographic/behavioural tracking automates specific actions such as executing campaigns, sending alerts, segmenting databases, or enabling an internal process.

End-to-end reporting

It is explained as generating end-to-end reporting for various business stakeholders to make strategic decisions or enabling closed-loop reporting to calculate the ROI from each dollar spent on marketing.

Let’s understand how marketing drivers will help you to grow your business? Connect with us.