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What are the Key Features of LeadSquared in Sales and Marketing?

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TransFunnel Consulting Aug 09, 2019

Marketing automation is no longer just a “nice to have” platform but a “must-have” asset. More and more businesses, regardless of size, are adopting marketing automation to stay relevant and competitive in their space. 

“On average, 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation. With more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt the technology," said EmailMonday.

Marketing automation is more than just sending programmed emails. Marketing automation streamlines, automates, and measures sales and marketing efforts. A marketing automation platform also stores customer data appropriately, tracks buyer behaviour, develops opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and analyses campaign success. Studies report that adopting marketing automation results in a 14.5% increase in productivity. 

But which marketing automation software to use? Marketo? HubSpot? LeadSquared? Salesforce? LeadSquared, established in 2012, has quickly become a prominent player in the marketing automation and CRM solutions realm, serving clients across all industries. 

LeadSquared is utilised by more than 15,000 sales and marketing professionals.  

LeadSquared is a complete marketing automation software that helps companies capture leads via the web and then tracks, manages, and engages them till they convert. It was developed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses but now boasts of top clients like Practo, CloudNine Hospitals, Deltin Group, and MaxBhupa among many others. LeadSquares’s USP is that it bridges the divide between sales and marketing teams by offering marketing automation and CRM solutions via a single platform, that too at a much more affordable rate (#win). 

Intrigued and want to learn more? 

The following blog highlights the key features of LeadSquared that make it the ideal solution for sales and marketing. 

Automated and Accelerated Lead Capture Across ALL Sources

All CRM and marketing automation capture leads, so what makes Leadsquared stand out? The LeadSquared CRM advantage is that it accelerates lead capture by offering integration with several online and offline chat, telephone, events, and lead capture connectors across multiple channels. You can seamlessly integrate lead generation from different sources. Additionally, Leadsquared CRM integrates with cloud enterprise communication platforms such as Exotel, Ameyo, and Ozonete; something that is not possible with Hubspot CRM. LeadSquared also automatically captures leads via Zapier. 

Scoring, Grouping, and Managing Leads

Once the leads are captured, the 'Manage Leads' function allows you to score, group, and manage your leads based on behaviour attributes. Most customers are at different stages of engagement, and therefore, scoring and grouping leads give you the scope to customise offers and nurturing strategies. Leadsquared marketing automation also allows you to manage and engage leads via SMS automation, a feature that is dependant on bigger software solutions such as Marketo, Pardot, or Hubspot. Do more for your sales and marketing teams by using Leadsquared inbuilt lead scoring, grouping, and management tools; another feature that is not found in traditional marketing automation solutions.

Customised Email Campaigns

LeadSquared’s marketing automation software allows you to create personalised and visually stunning email marketing campaigns. LeadSquared allows you to drag and drop images, text, and CTA buttons to truly create and deliver a personalised experience to customers. Adventure Nation witnessed higher lead engagement as a result of using LeadSquared’s email automation solution. The unique email subject line analysis feature tells you which subject lines get the highest open rates. Set drip campaigns, save time and effort, and delight customers by leveraging LeadSquared email marketing solutions. 

Responsive Landing Pages

A company’s landing page is crucial and one of the key elements of a holistic inbound marketing strategy. It is the first impression and the primary tool for converting leads into customers. Hubspot finds a positive correlation between the number of landing pages and conversions. A powerful feature of LeadSquared is that it allows you to build responsive, optimised and visually appealing landing pages without code (gasp!). Choose from one of the multiple LeadSquared templates and widgets, build content, and publish your page within no time. You only have seconds to make the right impression, therefore, save time and resources by using LeadSquared templates to design captivating landing pages that include some attention-grabbing images. LeadSquared CRM also provides banner templates so you can increase conversions by getting customers to act on exciting offers. 

Conversion Predictor

Stop the guesswork of trying to understand which leads will convert by using LeadSquared Conversion Platform, which uses artificial intelligence to predict chances of lead conversions. The platform accumulates all historical data and finds a correlation between lead attributes which impact conversions. The system identifies impact attributes from historical data, learns from it, and creates a prediction model. Each new lead that is fed into the model gets assigned a conversion chance.  This valuable information is highlighted to sales and marketing teams as – high, medium or low. The conversion predictor will allow your teams to target their energies towards leads that have a high conversion chance. 

Mobile CRM

Most people believe that CRM is a static tool one can only access via a desktop, however, statistics show that mobile usage is on the rise. In India alone, there are approximately 843 million mobile phone users. Sales representatives spend the majority of their time out in the field, and they need sales and marketing tools to support them. LeadSquared CRM is mobile optimised, so sales reps can update their lead progress instantaneously! The mobile CRM platform promotes efficient planning and allows sales teams to log notes, record inbound and outbound calls, and upload documents, like KYC or invoices, to the system on the go. 

Reporting & Analytics

The LeadSquared analytics dashboard provides insights into click-through rates, website landing conversions, email open rates, and the best time to send emails. In addition, lead source and lead distribution reports give one a snapshot of where leads are coming from and how they are distributed amongst the sales representatives. Leadsquared offers access to each and every detail of a lead, so you get an accurate, holistic overview of your customer pool and determine which strategies are working and which are not. 

Practo, an online healthcare service provider, improved its call centre efficiency by 60% by basing decisions on LeadSquared smart views and analytics. Installing LeadSquared automation system further streamlined their sales processes. 

Learn LeadSquared through Transfunnel Consulting

Want to know if LeadSquared suits your business requirements? We, Transfunnel Consulting, have certified LeadSquared Consultants who can accurately understand your requirements and guide your sales and marketing teams through the Leadsquared platform. Transfunnel also offers in-depth LeadSquared Support and LeadSquared training so you can successfully implement and launch LeadSquared as your CRM and marketing automation partner.