What Is Marketing Automation?
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About Marketing Automation

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Dec 02, 2017

What is Marketing Automation?

As technology has advanced and marketing promotion solutions have improved, companies find that having an automated integrated marketing campaign with detailed insight is nearly a priceless resource. Marketing automation is a technology platform that facilitates an 'integrated marketing approach' to streamline, automate marketing tasks & workflows; calculate, measure the efficiency of every campaign & channel; thereby ensuring the maximum return on marketing investment. There are numerous advantages to an organization which makes marketing automation a standard practice to solve day to day marketing challenges, like, generating quality leads, nurturing them; boosting the sales conversion; to contribute more to the revenue.

There are numerous tools available that provide distinct features of automated marketing to business owners and marketing teams. While considering tools to automate marketing campaigns, you need to make sure to choose the tool that meets the demands of the business involved. In a lot of cases, you'll find that marketing automation is not able to provide a complete benefit to the business. The reason being that though the automation was executed; it was done without having the right strategy in place. Without a solid marketing automation strategy and execution plan, your company can be overshadowed by competitors who've already adapted to the automated technology along with the right strategy in place.

Among the main benefits of marketing automation is its the capability to enlarge the reach of your business' marketing efforts. Marketing automation will help you to bring in new customers, serving as a Lead Generation tool. The Lead Nurturing part of Marketing Automation can work as another strong strategy, along with face-to-face sales techniques, to help you convert more and more leads to your ‘Customers'. Thousands of businesses in several countries are creating modest fortunes using the right marketing automation software. Whenever you give your prospects a reason to be intrigued by what you've to offer; Marketing comes to your help. Automation of marketing further enables you the entrepreneur to leverage time, effort, funds and energy in an effective manner so as to promote your business ’24 * 7' online. Whenever your prospects start responding; the response mechanisms that you've put in place in your automated system; carry on to plug away at the campaign, thereby attracting more new customers.