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TransFunnel Consulting appoints Mona Chopra as Product Head

TransFunnel Consulting
16 Dec, 2021, 15:00 IST

  • Product Head
  • Appointment
  • 2021

JAIPUR, India, December 16, 2021 -- TransFunnel Consulting has appointed Mona Chopra as Product Head. With 15 years of experience in product management, right from inception to delivery, as a product manager, Mona has collaborated with stakeholders to drive product growth in the right direction.

With a vast experience in end-to-end product management, Mona brings to the table her expertise in developing products that are loved and valued by customers and now plans to focus on reducing the pain points for startups

Her 10-year stint with a US healthcare IT major with extensive and hands-on experience in KLAS#1 rated products, building patient engagement platforms and provider-facing applications, as well as her expertise in agile methodologies have made her an apt choice for her current role.

Mona’s competence in the area of products analytics has helped organisations make data-backed decisions to drive product strategy. Having held responsibilities both in technical and business areas has helped her develop a holistic view of the product life cycle. As someone who puts customers first always and focuses on resolving complex problems with adaptive solutions, Mona’s drive to deliver user-centric products is inspirational.
Mona Chopra as Product Head

As the Product Head, Mona has a vision of easing the journey of startups and resolving their pain points by simplifying their processes, eventually wanting to assist industries and other verticals. She strongly believes that transforming processes and experiences for the smooth functioning of a business is the answer to complex problems, leading to sustainable growth.

In her free time, Mona enjoys entertaining her seven-year-old son, reading anything that adds value to thought, listening to product management podcasts and connecting with humans around her.

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