Why Businesses Should Invest in CRM Platforms 
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Top Reasons Why Businesses Must Invest In CRM Platforms

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Mar 03, 2023

Improve your business processes by leveraging CRM platforms

Knowing your customer and integrating the right insights from product or service development stage through the delivery process and beyond is extremely integral. For brands that have had a long run in the market and want to stay competitive, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a platform that can bring all their functions under one single roof. A CRM can also help to understand consumer psychology, technological advancements and newer trends. Moreover, consumer data maintenance alone wouldn’t help you achieve a lot, if your records aren’t regularly cleaned and updated. 

This in turn makes it a significant tool for all businesses, especially startups and MSMEs. With impactive CRM management software, you can increase sales, convert leads and achieve explosive growth. Moreover, it can greatly aid in solidifying your relationship with existing consumers, making the process seamless and augmenting productivity. 

Advantages of CRM software for your business

Seamless operations

In a digital-first economy like today’s, data makes for a super significant part of a growing business. While basic tools like Google Analytics can help you monitor your website traffic, it alone wouldn’t help you with the insights you need to grow. Moreover, marketing analytics aren’t necessarily all pervasive across departments in your business. An effective CRM system can help you with the required bifurcation and comprehensive analysis of your customer needs. This smoothens and fast tracks the process of decision-making and lands you lead faster. 

The Bigger Picture

Disconnected systems or MS Excel sheets can translate to disorganised chunks of large data that fail to provide you with the bigger picture. With CRM management software, you can have access to a customised dashboard that can help you convert your insights to action points. An example would be emailing marketing campaign where the head of marketing wants to know the metrics, he can have a snapshot of behavioural patterns, an idea for the click-through rate and the number of people that opened the emails. This is just one of the examples of what a CRM can do for leads. 

Enriched Buying Experience

With an efficient HubSpot CRM for startups to enterprise businesses, your marketing team can spend greater time ideating, strategising and creating campaigns that reside in focused insights. This will translate through your action points and deployment of your strategies thus helping you with better leads, especially when you are just starting out. Bespoke buying experiences in turn translate to more revenue and greater customer retention. 

More Collaboration

HubSpot CRM for Startups

With the help of a CRM, your team no longer needs to work in silos and be burdened with unreasonable amounts of data that tell no story. CRM management software encourages collaboration. Everyone across sales, marketing, commerce and customer service teams can work together through the shared record. 

Why would you invest in a CRM for small businesses to large enterprises?

According to data by Salesforce, 91% organisations with more than 11 employees use CRM systems. So, as a startup or an MSME, if you haven’t yet deployed it, then you’re already missing out on a lot. CRM platforms are known to enhance customer interactions and retention by 27%. The use of the solution by the sales staff has resulted in a 66% improvement in customer satisfaction.

What to consider before choosing a CRM system for your business?

Now that we have an understanding of the significance of a CRM, it’s important to know what to keep in mind before choosing a CRM platform for your company. 

Here are a few pointers that will help:

1. Defining Your Goals

It's critical that you comprehend the issue that CRM platforms are intended to address. Choose a CRM system like CRM for leads that will be most useful for your company by ranking the next objectives in terms of relevance for your operation: 

  • Keeping track of lead activity
  • Keeping an eye on your clientele, opportunities and closing rates. 
  • Communication between teams 
  • Relationships to manage 
  • Produce personalised reporting 
  • Develop a company operations plan 
  • Increase your profitability 
  • Increasing output

2. Understanding Its Deployment

This element is crucial. There will always be an implementation period when modifying or introducing new software. You could occasionally need an outside consultant or a staff member in charge of the deployment. In either scenario, User Acceptance Testing will be necessary to iron out any system issues and establish best practices.

3. Product Mobility

Nowadays, it's crucial to be mobile. Your sales crew will probably be on the go and accessing your new CRM management software via a variety of gadgets, including laptops, tablets and phones. A tool that can be accessed from a range of web-enabled devices is what you should look for. A platform that will be updated frequently and stay up-to-date with new technology is something you desire because most salespeople are early adopters of technology.

4. Compatibility With Existing Software

You still need to make sure the CRM platforms you select can communicate with other apps you currently have in place. This is a world where compatibility with different systems is becoming less of a problem as more and more programs are connected through APIs. Look for a third-party platform that can integrate your systems if you need assistance to link all of your systems using APIs to improve your data management.

5. Product Demo

Accessing a product demonstration is critical, but using the demo is even more important. Break the demo, if you can. Here is your chance to put the system to the test and determine its merits for your company's requirements. Too frequently, individuals will ask for a product demo but only give it a cursory look before thinking it will function. Long-term time savings come from taking a little more time now.

Quick Refresher

Insights and data may be gathered by the entire team and they can all collaborate to deliver outstanding customer-centric experiences. A CRM platform's data organisation and presentation improves knowledge of customers. This results in greater outreach and communications, much of which can be automated, which enables you to provide better, more effective customer care. Your teams will also be able to work together more effectively and break down silos. 


TransFunnel can help you choose the right CRM for your business and get you onboarded with the right setup. From onboarding, custom integrations to training, TransFunnel has a team of experts that can help you turn your ROI around with the right marketing automation strategy suited to your business.

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