Easily Restore Deleted Products in HubSpot: Step-by-Step Guide
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How to Easily Restore Deleted Products in HubSpot

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Aug 14, 2023

Accidentally deleted products in HubSpot?

Mistakes happen, even in well-organised systems like HubSpot. If you've accidentally deleted products from your HubSpot account and find yourself wondering if there's a way to bring them back, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the process of restoring deleted products in HubSpot, ensuring that your sales and operational processes continue without a hitch. 

What do HubSpot products represent? 

Before diving into the restoration process, let's revisit the significance of products within the HubSpot ecosystem.  

In the world of HubSpot, products serve as the virtual representations of the goods or services that your business offers. Building a robust product library within HubSpot's framework unlocks a multitude of capabilities. This includes the ability to seamlessly integrate these products into your deals, crafting quotes that feature your product lineup, and gaining access to analytical insights through product performance reports. In essence, products act as the building blocks upon which your sales strategies are constructed. 

What happens if you delete a product? 

Business landscapes are dynamic, and as strategies evolve, so too might your product offerings. Deleting a product from your HubSpot product library is a strategic move that can have implications for your sales processes. While the product itself may disappear from your product lineup, it's crucial to understand that the existing deals in which you've utilised these products as line items remain unaffected. This phenomenon stems from the way HubSpot treats products within deals. Each product's instance in a deal is treated as a unique line item. Even if the original product is deleted, the line item representing that product persists within the deal.

And if you delete a product, what happens to your existing deals? 

The continuity of your existing deals is a paramount concern. You might wonder what happens to the deals that have already integrated products you've subsequently deleted. Fortunately, HubSpot's design ensures that these deals retain their coherence. The line items within these deals that correspond to deleted products remain intact. The removal of a product from your library doesn't disrupt the ongoing processes or integrity of your deals. This level of flexibility allows your business to adapt and pivot its product offerings without causing chaos in your sales pipeline. 

Steps to restore your deleted HubSpot products 

Restoring deleted products within HubSpot is a remarkably straightforward process, designed to alleviate the stress that accidental deletions might cause. If you've mistakenly removed a product and are eager to reinstate it, follow these step-by-step instructions: 

Step 1: Begin by logging into your HubSpot account. Access the HubSpot dashboard to initiate the process. 

Step 2: Navigate to the "Settings" section. Once there, explore the left sidebar and locate the "Data Management" category. Within this, you'll find the option labeled "Objects." Select "Products" from this menu. 

Step 3: Positioned in the upper-right corner, you'll find the "Actions" button. Click on this button to reveal a dropdown menu. Among the options available, opt for "Restore." This will initiate the restoration process. 

Step 4: Now, it's time to identify the specific product you wish to restore. The list you'll peruse contains products deleted within the last 90 days (approximately 3 months). If you know the name of the product you want to recover, you can use the search bar to expedite the process. Once located, click the "Restore" button positioned in the upper-right corner to confirm your intention to restore the product. 

Step 5: As a validation step, a pop-up window will appear. Here, you'll be prompted to indicate the quantity of the product you want to restore. Input the desired quantity and proceed by clicking the "Restore" button. 

Step 6: The process is complete! Your deleted product is now successfully restored. It will reappear within the list of active products housed in HubSpot's product library. This newly restored product can now be seamlessly integrated into your deals and sales processes once again. 

Note: It's important to note that only products deleted within the past 90 days (roughly 3 months) are eligible for restoration. 

Watch complete tutorial on How to Restore Deleted Products in HubSpot on YouTube. 

The ability to restore deleted products is a testament to HubSpot's commitment to user-friendly functionalities. Products form the bedrock of your sales efforts, and the capacity to manage and restore them ensures that your business operations remain uninterrupted and agile. With these straightforward steps at your disposal, the process of reinstating accidentally deleted products becomes a simple endeavor. The continuity of your sales pipeline remains intact, allowing your business to navigate strategic changes with confidence and ease. 

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