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5 Edtech Industry Service Challenges HubSpot Can Solve

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Sep 14, 2023

How HubSpot can solve EdTech industry challenges and be the right fit for your EdTech startup

It's 2023 and the Edtech industry is booming at a very rapid pace.  

Speaking of a fast-paced world, providing exceptional customer support and service has become a paramount challenge for startups and established players alike. 

As students and educators increasingly turn to online platforms for learning, the demand for responsive, personalised, and efficient support has never been higher.  

In this blog, we'll explore the top customer service challenges facing Edtech companies and how HubSpot's Service Hub can be the perfect solution to address these issues. 

From ticket resolution to personalised support, customer feedback integration to efficient batch management, and accurate data analysis, we'll be deep diving into how HubSpot empowers Edtech businesses to not only overcome these challenges but also thrive in a competitive market. 

HubSpot is a CRM platform that can help EdTech businesses improve their customer service in a number of ways. Here are a few examples one can consider: 

1. Customer Ticket Resolution 

How can HubSpot help in Edtech scenarios dealing with customer ticket resolution? The answer is right here. A growing Edtech business cannot afford to take customer service lightly. Understanding that most students and their wards do not take learning lightly and will have questions/queries regarding the courseware and the platform is essential. Their queries must be handled conveniently and with speed. HubSpot’s service hub offers a ticketing system that facilitates the tracking and prioritising of all service requests from different connected channels through a single inbox. 

The ability to assign context to every ticket and keep track of all conversations helps support executives to respond faster and more effectively to tickets. A unified view of tickets negates ticket duplication, thus improving the productivity and efficiency of the support process. 

2. Personalised Support

Personalised Support

Your customers will love personalisation in customer support. Trends and challenges? Regard this as both! 

It will make them feel important and that you believe their needs must be prioritised. It is a challenge how to get this delivered. Yes, it is the need of the hour, a business can call this a trend. 

The service hub’s live chat features make sure customers can come to the EdTech website and chat with the right people who are there to solve their needs. More importantly, personal email integration ensures that personal resolution emails can be sent to customers delivering customer answers to their queries.

3. Customer Feedback 

What is technology integration in education? If you want students and educators to have a positive experience with your platform, you must invest in delivering excellent services and solutions. This can only happen if you continuously implement customer feedback to improve your answers by rightly working on service challenges in Edtech. 

How can HubSpot help in EdTech? With HubSpot, you can proactively know customer feedback with its customer feedback software by creating customer surveys and customizing these as per the needs of different customer groups. The deeper customer insights analysis is carried out for the organisation, the better the team can help you deliver a more improved customer experience.  

4. End-to-End Batch Management 

Managing batches doesn’t begin when students enroll for a specific course. It starts before the promotional stages when you pitch a particular platform to students. These prospective customers then engage with the messaging and are pushed further into the funnel, culminating in their enrollment on the platform. This is just one aspect of it. Another aspect is when, as a business, you want to sign up tutors with specific skill sets to deliver intended learning outcomes. It would be best to go after prospective tutors and sign them on. Then comes the student and tutor onboarding process that enables both to use the platform confidently.  

TransFunnel has many years of experience in harnessing the power of HubSpot for the benefit of EdTech businesses, and we leverage its many hubs, features, and integrations to ensure this CRM helps you manage your batches effectively and extensively.

5. Right reporting and accurate analysis

Right reporting and accurate analysis

Considering that EdTech is becoming an extremely competitive domain, getting visibility into the ROI delivered by various processes is essential. Take, for example, the case of marketing. You must know whether your marketing actions are providing results. 

This cannot happen without gathering real-time data from key marketing campaigns. How is your spending spread across different social platforms? What is the cost per lead across these platforms? Which marketing channel delivers the most value? These are just some questions that can only be answered with comprehensive reporting.  

From the sales purview, you need to get a handle on the length of your sales cycle, the sales churn, and the cost per acquisition of the customer. You also need clear visibility into the deal pipeline to know whether you are on track to achieve your sales targets. Better visibility into the sales process can help forecast zeroing in on the correct revenue targets. 

TransFunnel helps you maximise the potential of HubSpot as a data intelligence tool by understanding your data requirements and configuring this CRM in a manner that unlocks the true potential of data for your EdTech business via EdTech revenue goals through sales and marketing.

TransFunnel + HubSpot: Use cases to understand the process finer and better

1. LEAD – EdTech company optimises process efficiency with HubSpot and TransFunnel 

Pain point 

One of India’s leading EdTech companies could not optimise HubSpot usage and keep track of event management, deal pipelines, customer interactions, and more. 


TransFunnel thoroughly audited its existing HubSpot deployment to understand its configuration shortcomings. It addressed its specific needs with the necessary modifications in HubSpot that optimally aligned its marketing, sales, and services functions to deliver pre-determined outcomes. 

To know how TransFunnel helped LEAD leverage HubSpot's potential, read the case study.  

2. Virtual Training Team (VTT) sets the ball rolling on web traffic with HubSpot and TransFunnel  

Pain point  

Upping the ante on its web traffic was getting difficult for VTT, and the startup wanted to leverage HubSpot to achieve its content goals and enhance web traffic. 


TransFunnel combined its inbound marketing expertise with its HubSpot expertise to strategise and execute campaigns on HubSpot, focusing on attaining organic results in an accelerated and sustainable manner. 

To learn more about how TransFunnel helped VTT boost web traffic using HubSpot, read the case study.

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Concluding thoughts 

HubSpot is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their customer service challenges in the Edtech industry. By using HubSpot's features and tools, you can deliver excellent customer service that will help you grow your business, solve major problems in EdTech and accelerate your marketing for EdTech along with sales and service in a way never witnessed before. 

TransFunnel is a HubSpot elite partner and holds four HubSpot accreditations – Onboarding, Platform Enablement, CRM Implementation, Custom Integration. We also offer training and support so that you can use HubSpot to its full potential bringing solutions to all EdTech challenges startups are facing. 

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