11 important features of project management platforms
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Unlocking 11 essential features of Project Management platforms

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TransFunnel Consulting Sep 22, 2023

Adopt automation to manage projects better

In today's fast-paced world, effective project management is more crucial than ever. With an influx of new features and technological advancements continuously reshaping the landscape, modern project planning techniques have become essential for staying ahead of the curve. At the forefront of this transformation is automation - a driving force behind streamlined project planning and scheduling. 

Modern project management tools play a pivotal role in optimising team dynamics and project efficiency. They facilitate equitable distribution of work among resources, a fundamental step towards reducing team burnout and ensuring that each member operates at their optimal capacity. Additionally, these tools foster increased collaboration and communication within the team, breaking down silos and enabling seamless information sharing. Moreover, these tools provide real-time updates and robust reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering organisations to derive meaningful insights, refine strategies, and drive continual improvement.

Exploring Project Management Tools: A Comparative Overview - Jira, Asana, Trello, and monday.com

Exploring Project Management Tools

Let’s explore some of the top project management tools available today. 

Trello: Trello is a standout favourite among project management tools, renowned for its practicality and visual appeal. Its innovative use of cards, lists, and boards provides a unique and engaging approach to project management. Trello offers a user-friendly, flexible, and free platform trusted by millions worldwide. Its intuitive setup allows users to create project boards, establish workflow steps through lists, organise information with cards, and track progress seamlessly. Trello is especially well-suited for those who value visual and customisable project management experience.

Asana: With a presence in over 195 countries and over 60,000 organisations, Asana is a leading platform for managing projects of all sizes. Asana's structured workspace, diverse project views (including board, calendar, list, and timeline), and robust tracking features set it apart. It allows users to create projects from templates or scratch, group tasks effectively, and customise sorting and filtering based on specific needs. Asana's dedication to providing a wealth of resources, from guides to in-depth videos, ensures that teams can optimise their project management processes.

Jira: Jira serves as a beacon for Agile project management and bug tracking. It caters to various segments of users - including Jira Core for basic project and task management, Jira Software tailored for software developers, and Jira Service Desk for customer support and IT professionals. Jira's primary focus lies in Agile project data tracking, including user stories, story points, and sprints, with an intuitive drag-and-drop function. Its origins as a bug tracking software make it exceptional in facilitating the discovery, tracking, and recording of software bugs. Jira's hallmark is its high customisability, with options to tailor workflows, reports, Scrum boards, and more. It boasts of seamless integration with a plethora of third-party software applications to enhance productivity.

monday.com: monday.com is a dynamic cloud-based platform that empowers businesses to create custom work management tools and applications. Initially conceived as a work collaboration tool, it has rapidly expanded its capabilities to cater to a wide array of workflows, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, software development, and more. monday.com's intuitive interface and extensive feature set make it a versatile and adaptable solution for diverse business needs. It offers project planning, tracking, reporting, and template-driven project initiation. With options to integrate various applications and a robust selection of plans to cater to specific organisational requirements, monday.com provides a comprehensive work management solution for teams of all sizes.

Essential aspects of an ideal project management platform: 

Features of a project management platform

In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to use a project managemet tool that has the following approach:  

1. Process-Centric 
A project management tool must prioritize processes over tasks, enabling teams to convey real-life project statuses within the tool. This enhances transparency and communication, going beyond simple "done" or "not done" checkboxes. 

2. Visual Clarity 
With its visual interface and colored statuses, a project management platform should offer instant clarity on project status. This eliminates the need for extensive reading and ensures that critical information is quickly absorbed. 

3. Grid-Based Organisation 
Unlike complex hierarchical structures, a project management platform should employ a grid-based layout, which aligns with how people naturally think and organise information. It needs to be intuitive and user-friendly. 

4. Eye on the Big Picture 
A project management software must encourage a top-down approach, allowing teams to set goals, map out processes, and track progress on a single board. This streamlines communication and provides a holistic view of project status and progress. 

11 essential features of a project management platform:

From intuitive dashboards to advanced integrations, let’s explore how to use the ideal project management platform to its full potential to work efficiently and collaboratively. Here are the key features:

a) Powerful, Intuitive Dashboard 

Look for a work management dashboard with a dynamic hub for managing your projects and teams. It must offer powerful features in a user-friendly interface. What sets such project management platforms apart is the intuitiveness—no extensive training is required. Your team can jump right in and start collaborating effectively. Such a dashboard acts as a centralised control center, helping you streamline work and achieve your project goals effortlessly. 

b) Task Comments 
Task comments provide a space for detailed discussions within individual tasks. Team members can collaborate, share updates, and ask questions directly within the task, keeping all relevant information in one place. This feature fosters clear communication, reduces the need for back-and-forth emails, and ensures that everyone stays informed and engaged in the project. 

c) Gantt Charts & Kanban Boards 
An idral project management platform or tool must offer versatile project views, including Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Gantt charts provide a visual timeline view of tasks, making it easy to track start and end dates, dependencies, and project progress. Kanban boards use columns and cards to visualise task workflows, facilitating efficient task management and team coordination. These views cater to different work styles, enabling teams to choose the approach that best suits their needs. 

d) Shared Calendar 
The shared calendar feature is a collaborative scheduling tool that ensures your team stays organised and aligned with project timelines. It provides a visual representation of project-related events, deadlines, and milestones. Team members can easily view and access the calendar, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

e) File Sharing 
In an increasingly remote work-oriented world, real-time file sharing is crucial. Project management platforms must offer seamless file sharing and collaboration capabilities within the platform. Team members can upload, share, and collaborate on files directly within task cards, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest documents and resources. This feature promotes efficient collaboration and minimises the need for external file-sharing tools. 

f) Reporting 
Effective project management requires robust reporting capabilities. Advanced board filters enable you to tailor your project reports to specific criteria, making it easy to extract the insights you need. Visualisations and charts help you analyse project data, track performance, and make informed decisions to keep your projects on track and within scope. 

g) Time Tracking 
How to track time in a project management software? Time tracking is a cornerstone of project management, and you need a platform that provides comprehensive time-tracking features. It empowers you to create accurate time estimates, allocate resources efficiently, identify productivity bottlenecks, and invoice clients with precision. You can track time at the task, project, and team member levels, gaining valuable insights into how time is spent and optimising resource allocation. 

h) Permissions and Access 
Security is paramount when managing projects, and a project management tool must offer robust security features. Admin controls allow you to define user permissions, ensuring that team members access only the information relevant to their roles. Network security measures, data protection protocols, and regular data backups safeguard your project data against loss or unauthorised access, providing peace of mind for your sensitive project information. 

i) Collaboration Templates 
A work management tool must recognise the growing importance of real-time collaboration in today's work environment. Collaboration templates facilitate efficient communication and collaboration within boards. These templates cover various use cases, from project planning to task management, ensuring that teams can quickly set up structured workflows and minimise the need for time-consuming meetings. 

j) Mobile Access 
In an era where remote work and on-the-go productivity are the norm, a platform with a mobile app is a valuable asset. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app can offer seamless access to your boards, task updates, and team communication. Whether you're in the office, at home, or traveling, you can stay connected and manage your projects from anywhere, ensuring that work doesn't stop when you're on the move. 

k) Integration 
Integration capabilities in a project management platform can expand its functionality and adaptability. Even if the tool doesn't include features like word processing or e-commerce systems, it should seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party apps and services. You can set up automations and notifications to connect the platform with tools like Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce, Harvest, and SurveyMonkey, among others. This integration versatility allows you to create customised workflows, enhance productivity, and streamline collaboration across various platforms and devices. Whether you prefer to work in your browser, desktop application, or mobile app, the work management platform must ensure that you can collaborate effectively and integrate with essential tools to meet your project management needs.

Transforming Work Management: TransFunnel + monday.com Solutions 

TransFunnel and monday.com together offer a robust portfolio of tools designed to enhance productivity, streamline project management, and supercharge collaboration across various industries. 

Let’s look at our solutions:  

1. Work Management 
The collaboration between TransFunnel and monday.com provides a comprehensive solution for efficient task and project management. By combining our expertise, we empower teams to work cohesively, optimise processes, and boost productivity. 

2. Sales CRM 
For sales teams, this partnership elevates CRM capabilities to new heights. It facilitates lead management, enhances customer engagement, and ultimately drives revenue growth. With TransFunnel and monday.com, sales professionals have a powerful toolset at their disposal. 

3. DevOps 
Development teams benefit from a dynamic platform that streamlines software development. It enables efficient task assignments, progress tracking, and seamless collaboration. This, in turn, enhances development processes, ensuring timely software delivery and higher-quality outcomes. 
Choosing TransFunnel as your work management partner is a strategic decision that promises substantial benefits. With a focus on niche expertise, a results-oriented approach, and a solid track record of trustworthiness, TransFunnel stands as a dependable choice for businesses seeking transformative solutions. Their industry experts, with over two decades of experience, understand the unique challenges faced by businesses across verticals. Coupled with their commitment to exceptional customer support, TransFunnel ensures that your journey towards efficient work management is not only successful but also highly satisfying.

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