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Got A Client Review And Want To Reply? HubSpot Lets You Do That Now

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Aug 27, 2019

Tips for Replying to Client Reviews - Hubspot

It’s a common practice for clients to write reviews on your website, as feedback for all the good work that you have done. However, they sometimes come from not-so-happy clients too. You can try your best efforts in delivering what the client has asked for but sometimes things can go wrong and the client can end up leaving on a bad note, literally! So, what do you do? Until now you couldn’t do much about it but learn from your mistakes and make sure you put in more efforts in the next project. However, there might be things you want to say, right? 

Well, now you can! With HubSpot’s new “reply” feature, you can leave a reply to all those unhappy reviews in a timely and strategic way.

What does the feature deliver you?

  • Reply to a review in a timely and strategic manner
  • Edit and add more information to your review 
  • Each review can have only one reply, so use it carefully
  • If you leave a reply, the client who wrote the review will not get a notification as of now
  • It is recommended to follow up with the client you left the reply for

Some Tips for Replying to Client Reviews: 

  • If it’s a positive review, acknowledge them by their name, show gratitude, and leave extra value for them to consider in the future
  • If it’s a negative review, internalise the feedback first and discuss with your team, empathise with them and offer the most suitable solutions that could give them a better experience 

If you want to understand more in detail about how to handle a negative review or how to respond to a positive one, click here

How do you handle your client reviews? Let us know in the comments below.