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Guide to Frame Compelling Content for Service Page

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 16, 2021

 Add value to your business with informative service pages 

Before getting down to writing content of any form, have you ever thought about how it will add value to your service page? A knowledgeable and precise service page plays a significant role in the branding of your business. Moreover, it can help in lead generation. 

Why is a service page important?

A service page is to give your prospects information about your product and services. The ultimate goal of your service/product page must be to get valuable leads that match your buyer persona. The content of your services/product page should be compelling enough to impress a prospect and prompt them to take action. If it is already happening with your service/product page, then keep up the good work!

Let us look at some of the factors that you must consider when while framing content for your service page

1. Banners

Banners play an important role on your webpage, because as the visitor lands on a webpage, banners are the first thing that they see and it gives a visitor the first impression of your service/product. While designing the banner for your webpage, the most important aspect to be considered is the “above the fold” concept. This means the visitor need not scroll down the webpage to check the whole banner. The banner should clearly convey the message to the visitor about the webpage. The banner should include the relevant and attractive visual design elements and the compelling tagline of your service/product. It must also include the call to action (CTA) button. This CTA button should redirect to a downloadable asset or a contact form.

2. Capability section

Explaining and defining your services/product capabilities eventually answers the questions - why, why us and why our product. The capability section must have a clear description about why your product/service is different from others that are offering the same outcome. This section can make the most powerful impact on your visitor and can turn into your selling point.

3. Video

If yours is a product page, then you must include a product overview video, which understandably defines how your product helps and its benefits. It is proven that the product video enhances the conversion rate on your webpage. With the product/services overview video on the page, it allows the visitor to see the product/services in action. The video on a webpage can also raise your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts thereby contributing to website traffic.

4. Case Studies

Case studies are an interesting way of storytelling, which, in turn, is important in content marketing. 

Rev up your content marketing strategies to enhance user engagement.

Maintaining a service/product page is indulging in content marketing. It is recommended that you include the story of your product/services. How it came about, its usefulness to other businesses, the impact it has on overall business and so on. Case studies are an indirect way of putting out testimonials. You can put downloadable case studies on a webpage that boosts the form filling activity on the website and educate buyers about the product/services so that they trust the product because others have opted for it and benefited from it. 

5. CTA

CTA buttons tell the visitor about the specified action that he/she can take once they are on the service page. CTAs help marketers move down visitors into the sales funnel more easily. There can be multiple CTAs on the web page to help visitors navigate easily instead of getting lost. CTAs also multiply the success of digital marketing.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials primarily increase credibility about your service or products. Adding testimonials to the product and services can boost the conversion rates as they can influence the visitor to opt for your product or service. By reading what others are saying about your product, the visitors get a complete picture of what they can expect if they avail your product or services. Testimonials also help in building trust and an emotional relationship with customers.

7. Contact form

An absence of the contact form in your service page is a complete waste of time and effort. The contact form makes you reachable to visitors. It makes it easier for the visitor to send their queries to you or ask about your offering. It also works as a lead generation machine at the backend. Whoever is filling the form can be retargeted via nurture campaigns encouraging and convincing them to pick you for their needs. 

8. Related resources

Including the resources related to your product and services page like case studies, blogs, news and more helps in increasing the time spent on your website by the visitor. It builds the credibility of your services and also educates the visitor about your services. 

If you are looking for expert guidance on your content strategy feel free to reach us.


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