HubSpot B2B Sales: Features & Automation for Success
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How a Tool Can Make Your Sales Team Perform Better

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting May 17, 2022

Easy-to-use features make HubSpot the go-to tool for growing businesses

It is a well-known reality that a sales professional never has it easy. A sales process does not just involve calling a prospect and marking the lead as interested or uninterested. It's the sales strategy that makes an impact on the quality leads resulting in maximising ROI.

B2B Marketing Challenges

Instead, the moment there are warm and hot leads, the sales team takes the onus upon itself to ensure how these leads are handled to keep an eye on whether the hot lead falls under the company’s budget, authority, needs and timeline (BANT) profile. However, before picking the hot leads and categorising them, the sales team must be enabled with tools to engage with these leads in order to convert them into customers. These tools can be leveraged for meetings, calling, sending sales emails, quotations, customer relationship management (CRM) and so on. 

It is recommended that every B2B business have one such tool where the sales team has easy access to all the functionalities that are needed to make the sales process up and running. Among the multiple tools in the market, one of the smartest we would endorse is HubSpot. It stands apart owing to its easy-to-use and several function-laden features. 

Let us look at some of the features HubSpot possesses: 

Sales Pipeline

Every business possesses its own sales pipeline, which is maintained and analysed from time to time. HubSpot has an inbuilt sales pipeline for small businesses as well as the functionality to create a customised sales pipeline based on unique business needs. 

In addition to this, the dashboard view enables one to easily find the number of deals in various stages. All you have to do is click on the deal and bam! The details of the deal – associated contact, company, ticket and more – can be viewed with just a click. The detailed view gives you every piece of communication taken place from the moment the deal was created to the present date. 

Sales Automation

Sales Automation

HubSpot also has an inbuilt feature of automating your sales process wherein you can use different triggers for automating the sales process using workflows and custom properties. It helps in setting up various sales emails using sequences. You can also automate tasks and assign them to different team members, which eventually saves time for the sales team.

Business Growth with Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement


HubSpot provides meeting tools where you can connect your meeting applications like Google Meet and Office 365. Also, it provides custom app integrations with meeting tools. It allows you to track your meetings with the leads as well as helps you create scheduling pages with customised questions to ask the prospect before scheduling a meeting – email, first name, last name, job title and more. In addition, it also provides customisation of time slots. 


Sequences are the series of emails that need to be sent to a set of people. Whenever you wish to engage with a hot lead, you can add them into the sequence of HubSpot. The sequences are logic-driven. Once the contact replies to the sales email, they will get unenrolled from the sequences and you will get a notification. 


The Tasks module lets you manage all your tasks. While working day in and day out in sales, you may have a lot of tasks to carry out like calling a lead, following up, sending emails, sending quotes and so much more. Sometimes, we have tasks that need to be assigned to our team members. HubSpot provides the “task module” and a lot of other features to help you track your tasks. It has the automatic functionality that tracks the status of the tasks and manages the reminders and notifications for the task. 


Documents Feature in HubSpot

The sales team has to deal with too many documents pertaining to each deal. While attaching various documents for a deal and sending them out to associated contacts, the sales team needs to maintain privacy. This is where HubSpot makes life easier for sales. With documents in HubSpot, you can upload the document to your account and manage its privacy. Even while you send it out to your prospect, they will need to put an email address to download the document.

In a nutshell, enabling your sales team to manage their leads better can in turn benefit your business in the long run. Get a tool, set a process!

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