Top Hubspot CRM Features You Should Be Using Today
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Top Hubspot CRM Features You Should Be Using Today

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Oct 22, 2019

There is a tall order of what a marketer has to do. Set strategy, design campaigns, qualify leads, build content, and engage the audience (phew!). Luckily, technology has helped us tremendously. When it comes to marketing technology, there isn’t a more loved player than HubSpot. 

A remarkable software that has become synonymous with inbound marketing, HubSpot makes growing web traffic, attracting leads, and converting those into customers easier. As one of the top marketing automation tools today, it allows you to do everything associated with inbound marketing via one portal. 

HubSpot is loaded with features that make it a marketer’s best friend. This blog highlights HubSpot CRM’s top features within the sales, marketing, and service hubs, that help you maximise your returns from this investment. Ready? Let’s get started!

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an all-in-one inbound marketing power tool. The platform can help you develop a website without the headache of dealing with code, attract customers through smart content, and deliver timely and relevant content that satisfies the ever-demanding needs of your leads that are ready to move down the funnel. The Marketing hub is quintessential to implementing your inbound marketing campaign. When put together, these features help you attract more visitors, convert more leads, close more deals, and delight more customers. Let’s dive into some of our most recommended features of this amazing software. 

List Building Tool

Today’s world of sales and marketing is seeing an increasing demand for personalisation. HubSpot’s list building feature allows you to literally slice and dice almost every aspect of your customers so you can deliver personalised content to literally infinity and beyond. This powerful feature is excellent for analysis, mapping, and ultimately understanding your customer better. 

You can build a list off a contacts property, company property, deal property, deal membership, form submission, email actions, page views, events, workflows, and an integration action such as a webinar. Since every report begins with a segmented list, the more specific your list is, the stronger your report will be. You can also drive your list from social media, meaning, the feature helps you add contacts to your list from social media, and also allows you to create lists based on which lifecycle stage a particular set of contacts belongs to.

Get Smart with SMART Content

Doesn’t seeing your name specially written on a package or hearing the Starbucks barista calling you out and wishing you good day just make you jump with joy? That extra touch of personalisation makes all the difference, doesn’t it? The key to delighting customers is personalisation. HubSpot Marketing Hub’s features let you develop and set smart CTAs, landing pages, emails, and templates. Different subgroup of visitors will see a slightly tailored version of messaging that resonates with them.

Set smart rules based on client location, device type (mobile or laptop), referral source, lifecycle stage, or contact list membership (whether this contact is segmented into one of your lists). If this is your first foray into using smart content, then we recommend you start small and pick one area of personalisation so you can accurately track its impact. Nurture and delight the leads and customers at every stage of their journey with this dynamic and easy to use the feature.

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HubSpot Sales Hub

The goal of sales representatives is to convert deals and SCORE. HubSpot Sales Hub is designed to help them do exactly that. Sales Hub has features that will save time and allow sales representatives to literally sell more. The platform has a plethora of tools that automate outreach, ensure timely follow up, land more meetings, and track activity through the funnel. Continue reading to discover more about some top features that will allow you to get more done. 


Industry reports suggest that salespeople spend up to 30 hours a month creating email copy and other content assets. Ruffling through papers so they can be updated into your CRM, or right when it is time to close a deal is frustrating. The documents feature in HubSpot Sales Hub allows you to store all your important documents in one place where they are easily accessible by other team members. Build a shared library within seconds, optimise, and track documents all from one source. A unique asset of the document tool is that it also tracks, in real-time, which documents have been opened by a lead and which documents have the highest engagement. This quickly helps you identify content that engages and closes deals.

Sales Sequencing 

“The click-through rate on triggered email messages is 119% higher than regular email messages.” - HubSpot 

As a sales representative, it is vital that no lead gets left behind. With HubSpot Sequencing, you can create a series of automated, yet personalised emails that will nurture your leads and help them move further down the funnel. However, once someone responds to the email or confirms a meeting time, they will automatically be removed from receiving the rest of the email series. Sales professionals can create sequences for all buyer personas through their entire buyer journey. They can also set up tasks at the end of sequences so they know when the lead is ready for a “reach out.” 

With sequencing, your sales rep can stop fretting over setting constant reminders for follow up emails. The best is saved for the end - the sales hub tracks which emailing sequencing is working the hardest for you so you can optimise your results and increase sales efficiency! 

The best part is, you can also reorder the steps that you’ve created in your sequence.

HubSpot Service Hub

60% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience. - Microsoft Global Service Report, 2016 

Ever gotten off a call with a customer service department and made a promise to never use a company’s product or service again? Yes, we have all been there. All the sales and marketing effort of nurturing and converting a customer can quickly go down the drain if the customer service is poor. HubSpot Service Hub is designed to help your business continue to exceed expectations, post-conversion. Let’s explore some of the tools here. 

Conversation Inbox

Customers are not satisfied by robotic chats or pre-recorded and rehearsed scripts. They seek personalised and immediate solutions to their problems. The conversation inbox brings all of your customer communication channels (we know there are many) to one single inbox. 

Now your customer service rep has all the data, whether it is from a chatbox, e-mail or telephone call into a universal inbox that also provides context about the customer’s history. The conversation inbox allows the marketing, sales, and customer service teams to check or engage in conversations with a lead irrespective of which channel they came from. 
Here are some of the things the tool offers: 

  • Generating leads from different messaging channels
  • Following up seamlessly
  • Scaling conversations with chatbots
  • Building better customer experiences 

Help Desk & Ticketing 

Another MVP of the Service Hub is the help desk, with inbuilt automation and tracking technology that enables service representatives to generate tickets from chats and emails. The ticket tool records, organises, and stores all customer issues in one centralised dashboard that can be viewed by the entire team. This makes it easier for any rep to instantly step in and resolve critical customer issues. The dashboard also tracks vital service metrics like agent response time and ticket volume, so you can effectively manage customer demand. Feed the findings from this data back to your support team so they can provide a better customer experience consistently. Happy customers are the secret to growth and sustainability. Continue to delight customers and make them your brand ambassadors.

Quick Refresher

This wraps up our quick list of HubSpot CRM’s top features that every marketer should take advantage of, apart from the rest of the amazing features that HubSpot brings with it. These features are easy to use and make your sales and marketing efforts more productive. Are you a frequent user of any of these features? Share your experience with us. 

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