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How SEO Helps Optimise Inbound Links

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TransFunnel Consulting Jun 27, 2022

Build Links Like Building Blocks

The objective of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to enhance and expand business visibility in organic search results. This goal drives visitors to the company website, improving their chances of conversion and bringing more revenue. However, the process of SEO involves incorporating various techniques such as the link building process to the company website from other content or web pages. 

Inbound marketing strategy improves the chances of search rankings as they view the website as a sign of trust. Inbound links, also called backlinks, are viewed by Google as an indicator that your website has high-quality content, making them one of the most essential components of SEO. 

Google values the inbound lead generation quality through backlinks. Links that are drawn from relevant, reputable websites are considered better for optimising the backlinks, whereas the low-quality sites with nothing in common are considered degrading to your backlink process. 

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing strategy is considered an authoritative, trustworthy and credible process that draws traction from legitimate sites. These websites incorporate content that can be trusted. Such websites use a descriptive anchor text, which enables the user to anticipate what the link is all about even before they click on it. The backlinks are diverse, coming from a range of sources expanding the reach of the website.    

Inbound links pass on their authority of links to your brand website, further boosting your brand’s credibility and authority. It also helps in the following:   

  • Increasing Traffic

When your business website has a significant amount of high-quality inbound links, then it is highly likely that your website will rank higher in the Google search results with 8 SEO Hacks and tactics. This is a great pay-off in terms of increased traffic to your website, which further results in increased lead conversion, increased sales and adding value to SEO.

Increasing Traffic

  • Increasing Brand Awareness

When an authoritative, credible and trustworthy website links to your business site, its robust brand presence associates with you. This is a direct correlation with increased trust in your brand identity and awareness. The association thus leads to the expansion of your brand presence, adding a credible and trustworthy tag to it.

Increasing Brand Awareness

  • Creating An Opportunity For Business Relationships

When your brand has a trustworthy and credible website linking to your site, it brings a chance of reaching out to build and forge a relationship with them. This relationship makes it easier for you to connect a credible link with your prospects. Sometimes, these business relationships even spill over to a customer referral and expand your presence even more. 

How Can Your Brand Website Get Backlinks?

There are numerous ways your brand website can garner other credible sites linked to yours. These include:  

  • Create Great Content

Great content is useful, credible, relevant and meets the user’s intent. A user is always looking to fulfil their intent and if your blog, e-book, whitepaper, newsletter or social media posts fulfil this criterion, then it is safe to say that your content is great. 

  • Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Keywords are the make or break of good content. While you can incorporate relevant information in your content, if it does not include the relevant keywords to address the reader’s quest, the content will stay null and void to devalue your SEO strategy. Ensure that your content includes semantically related keywords and long-tail keywords that your prospects are looking for. 

 Why Keyword Research is the Most Important Task in SEO Strategy? 

  • Design Your Content Visually Appealing

Your readers and prospects do not want to read endless content that includes only blocks and texts. Considering the attachment of users to visually appealing items to keep them engaged, it becomes important to incorporate this element in your content too.

  1. Use list and bullets 
  2. Use infographics 
  3. Use shorter paragraphs 
  4. Use gifs, images and videos 
  5. Use contrast in font size or colour 
  6. Use subtitles and different headers 
  7. Add tweets and social media posts 
  8. Add a table of contents along with internal links

Make your website’s user-interface attractive

 Ask yourself a question - is your website attractive to look at while resonating with your brand value? This can be done by working closely with a web developer or designer and improving the website’s appearance to improve its SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking. 

TransFunnel is involved in creating processes that optimise your site content in such a manner that further boosts its chances of ranking well on SERPs.  

Our SEO Experts evaluate and analyse a website’s current plan and execute customised steps to boost the website’s organic search rankings.