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How to create templates in HubSpot?

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Feb 17, 2022

Save time, design customised templates 

How do HubSpot email templates help? They save time by ensuring that your redundant activity of sending out emails is not a taxing task. They help you send continuous emails to your targeted segment without having to design the same time and again. 

You can make customised templates to suit the preferences of your recipients. In HubSpot, non-paid users can access only up to the first five templates available.  

Let us look at the steps to follow for a preferred HubSpot email template: 

Step 1: Select the Marketing option from the navigation bar shown above in your HubSpot account. 

Step 2: Go to Files and Templates from the options given below

Step 3: Select Design and Tools and go to the steps below.

1. Create a folder (for eg. Demo-Folder)

2. Right click and select new file in (Folder-Name)

3. Select (Drag and drop) for creating template -> Create file name -> click create button in left bottom corner.

4. Create module [eg. Demo-Header (select Global module from radio button), Demo-Body (select Local module from radio button), Demo-Footer (select Global module from radio button)]

  1. Demo-Header section contains Navigation / Menu

  2. Demo-Body contains content to be displayed

  3. Demo-Footer contains Footer of the particular landing page.

5. Select CSS + HubL option from new-file option and create Global CSS file

6. Select JavaScript option from new-file option and create Global JavaScript file.

Why is a HubSpot platform more reliable than other editor softwares for front-end developers? HubSpot allows users to move swiftly and iterate to keep up with their customers' needs in the HubSpot Product organisation. For example, a small team with the authority to make decisions may generate results and insights quicker than a bigger group. However, HubSpot also recognises that any organisational move such as forming these small, independent teams will solve problems while simultaneously introducing new ones that will necessitate additional effort to resolve. 

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Using HubSpot templates for development helps in:  

1. Creating remarkable website experience with ease as we can create pages

a. It facilitates the drag-and-drop editor option to developer

b. Membership-Drive content

c. Helps developer with local website development 

d. It has many website themes

e. Provides facilities like Interactive web apps (i.e. payments, event registration)

f. Dynamic content with HubDB

2. Optimise and personalise your website

a. SEO recommendations and optimisations

b. Allow user for smart content & reporting 

c. Adaptive testing

d. Contact attribution report builder

e. HubSpot has different chat, forms and bots options for users.

f. Web analytics

3. Manage a growing team and website

A. HubSpot has

a. Standard SSL certificate 

b. Brand domains 

c. Activity logs

d. Site performance monitoring 

e. Custom CDN configuration

f. 24/7 security monitoring & threat detection 

How To Create A Drag And Drop Email Template In HubSpot

Principles of frontend platform design

The purpose of HubSpot's Frontend Platform is to build the most efficient and productive frontend development team possible. The following are the values we uphold:

1. Optimise for tiny, self-contained groups: The technologies are designed to work with a variety of focused apps that teams may manage independently. Several repositories of different apps and libraries are owned by a single team.

2. A single stack for many teams: HubSpot believes that sharing information between teams is beneficial and that a fractured stack equals a fractured organisation.

3. Choose one and stick to it: The Frontend Platform chooses one technology and sticks to it when it comes to stack considerations. It's preferable to have a developer organisation centred around being excellent at a single technology rather than poor at a number of different technologies.

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