HubSpot custom integration with EdTech software and platforms
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How does HubSpot integrate with other EdTech software and platforms?

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TransFunnel Consulting Sep 26, 2023

Bring your Learning & Classroom Management, SIS, Assessment Software Under One Roof

EdTech companies frequently struggle with the difficulties of EdTech CRM, inbound marketing for universities, selling educational software, and other issues.  

In this blog article, we examine the EdTech industry's critical requirement for seamless integration and how HubSpot's integration capabilities offer a potent means of bridging the gap between these many roles.

The Challenge of Disjointed EdTech Software and Platforms 

EdTech companies, like many others, face the daunting task of managing a multitude of functions and processes. These encompass everything from CRM for educational institutions and inbound marketing for colleges to specialised educational software sales and crafting targeted marketing campaigns for educators. Unfortunately, the utilisation of multiple, often disconnected, tools can lead to inefficiencies, data silos, and missed opportunities, which are more pronounced in the fast-paced world of EdTech.

The Need for Integration: A Single Source of Truth 

If EdTech businesses are to survive in this competitive environment, they need a cohesive platform or, at the absolute least, an integration solution that can connect their various tools and systems. A single source of truth is necessary for trustworthy data management, simplified processes, and well-informed decision-making.

HubSpot's Integration Capabilities

A major option for integration is provided by HubSpot, a well-known player in marketing and CRM. It offers native integrations and custom integrations using third party API as its two main integration options. 

a) Native Integrations: HubSpot has pre-built integrations with numerous well-known EdTech programs and platforms, making it simpler to integrate your current tools in an efficient manner. These native connections include features for sales, marketing automation, and customer relationship management. 

b) Custom API Integrations: HubSpot's powerful API enables developers to build unique connections between HubSpot and other EdTech systems for more tailored integration requirements. You can integrate with even the most specialised software thanks to this flexibility.

How HubSpot Integrates with Other EdTech Software and Platforms

How HubSpot Integrates with Other EdTech Software and Platforms

HubSpot Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) - HubLMS Integration Overview: 

HubLMS is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot's ecosystem and is built on HubSpot's CMS (Content Management System). This tight integration allows users to harness the power of HubSpot alongside their LMS needs. 

Effortless Course Creation: HubLMS enables effortless course creation and the development of guided learning content without requiring any coding skills. Users can easily design and manage courses, making it an ideal solution for educators and businesses alike. 

Diverse Use Cases: HubLMS caters to a variety of use cases, including creating structured learning paths for new staff, facilitating customer onboarding courses for rapid knowledge transfer, and enhancing marketing initiatives by delivering high-value content. 

Additional Features: HubLMS offers an array of features, such as easy theme customisation, categorisation of course lessons, certification and quiz building, unlimited course pages, lesson-level permissions, and the option to integrate with a preferred video platform. Stripe checkout for payments and support for HubSpot Membership features are also available. 

Integrated Data Flow (Native API): HubLMS seamlessly shares data between HubLMS and HubSpot. This includes integration with CRM, Marketing, Service, and CMS functionalities, allowing for comprehensive management of learner data and marketing initiatives. 

Customisation and Access Control: Users can customise course content with editable in-line lessons and manage access through course listing modules, giving them control over how courses are presented and accessed based on user permissions. 

Granular Permissions: HubLMS allows for granular lesson-module level permissions, offering flexibility in defining access criteria and enabling partial or full access to courses based on specific requirements. 

Integration with External Tools (Custom API): In addition to HubSpot, HubLMS offers integration with external tools such as FormStack, TwentyThree, Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, and Vidyard, expanding its capabilities to encompass a broader range of functionalities. 

This integrated approach provides a versatile solution for educational institutions and businesses looking to leverage HubSpot's powerful marketing and data management capabilities within their learning management systems, enhancing the overall learning experience and marketing initiatives.

HubSpot Integration with Student Information Systems (SIS):

Seamless Integration: HubSpot offers seamless integration capabilities with Student Information Systems (SIS) to manage student data efficiently. 

Wide Range of Integrations: HubSpot extends its power and flexibility by seamlessly connecting with various tools and apps, offering both native and custom integrations. Native integrations include popular platforms like Gmail, Google Calendar, HubSpot for WordPress, Outlook, Zapier, Outlook Calendar, Slack, Google Ads, Zoom, Facebook Ads, and many more. 

App Marketplace: HubSpot's App Marketplace boasts more than 1,030 integrations, making it easy for educational institutions to keep their systems in sync without the need for extensive custom development. 

Attracting Strangers: HubSpot helps attract strangers to your website and increase program awareness through its blogging, SEO optimization, CMS (Content Management System), and social media management tools. CRM data is leveraged to create personalised and highly targeted ad campaigns, all managed and reported on from a single platform. 

Generating Applicants: Utilise HubSpot's CTAs (Call to Actions), bots, and forms to generate inquiries. Leverage omnichannel automation tools and lead scoring to nurture inquiries into applicants throughout the admission cycle. Build an applicant portal with CMS Membership. 

Support for Learners: HubSpot enables educational institutions to bring all their teams together in one platform for a 360-degree view of their learners. This includes email communication, calling, collaboration, and reporting within HubSpot CRM. Additionally, HubSpot can be seamlessly integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and other applications for further efficiencies. 

Managing Alumni Relations: Post-graduation relations can be efficiently managed through HubSpot, utilising powerful surveys, segmentation, and analytics functionalities. HubSpot also supports the integration of preferred payments tools, allowing institutions to track donations through a custom object. 

Easy Adoption: HubSpot's CRM platform is designed for easy adoption across your organisation, ensuring that your entire team can utilise it effectively. This ease of use results in better data quality, richer insights, and a positive impact on customer experience. 

Alignment and Integration: HubSpot's platform is built on a native codebase, providing a single source of truth for all customer interactions. This alignment and integration across data, channels, and teams result in a seamless experience for your students and alumni. 

Adaptability: HubSpot is highly adaptable to the changing needs of growing educational institutions. You can customize it to accommodate your next phase of growth without the need for extensive custom development and integration work.

HubSpot Integration with Student Information Systems (SIS)

HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform offers a holistic solution for educational institutions to manage their student lifecycle, from attracting prospects to nurturing applicants, supporting learners, and engaging with alumni, all while seamlessly integrating with a wide range of tools and systems.

Suppose a K-12 school uses Google Classroom for remote learning, and you want to enhance communication with parents and students through HubSpot while integrating with a Content Management System (CMS): 

Parent Updates: HubSpot, through API integration with your CMS, can automatically send parents updates on their child's assignments, grades, and classroom activities, enhancing parental involvement. This requires developing an API connection between HubSpot and your CMS to fetch and send this data seamlessly. 

Event Notifications: The integration can trigger emails or SMS alerts for parent-teacher meetings, school events, and important announcements. To achieve this, create custom events in your CMS that trigger notifications in HubSpot, which then send emails or SMS messages to the intended recipients. 

Feedback Collection: After a term or semester, automated surveys can be sent to parents, students, and teachers to gather feedback for continuous improvement. Design and implement these surveys within your CMS and use HubSpot's capabilities to distribute and collect responses efficiently. 

By integrating HubSpot with your CMS and customising it to your school's needs, you can streamline communication and engagement with parents and students effectively.

For an EdTech company using assessment software, integrating HubSpot with this software and a Content Management System (CMS) can enhance marketing and student engagement: 

Personalised Recommendations: HubSpot, connected via API to your CMS and assessment software, can analyse student assessment results and suggest relevant courses, study materials, or tutoring services. This requires setting up data pipelines to collect and process assessment data and generate personalised recommendations within HubSpot. 

Follow-Up Emails: Implement automated email workflows within HubSpot, utilising data from your assessment software and CMS. If a student doesn't complete an assessment, HubSpot can send reminders. High-scoring students can receive congratulations and encouragement to explore advanced courses, triggered by their assessment performance. 

Scholarship Opportunities: Utilise API connections to gather assessment data and student profiles. HubSpot can then send tailored information about scholarships or financial aid opportunities based on a student's performance in assessments. This requires creating dynamic content in HubSpot that corresponds to each student's assessment results.

Benefits of HubSpot Integration

Benefits of HubSpot Integration

1. Streamlined Operations: 

Batch Management: 

HubSpot can help educational institutions streamline batch management processes. This includes tracking enrollment, managing class schedules, and ensuring that students are assigned to the correct courses. HubSpot's CRM can store and organise student data, making it easier to manage batches of students efficiently. 


HubSpot's reporting and analytics capabilities can provide educational institutions with valuable insights into their marketing and enrollment efforts. Schools can track lead generation, conversion rates, and the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and optimisation of marketing strategies. 

2. Improved Customer Experience: 

Seamless Communication: With integrated systems, you can ensure that students, educators, and institutions receive a seamless and consistent experience. You can automate personalised communication at every touchpoint, enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Personalization: HubSpot's integration enables you to tailor your interactions based on individual preferences and behavior, delivering content and solutions that resonate with your audience. 

Improved Learning Setup: HubSpot's integration can enhance the learning setup by offering a centralised platform to manage courses, lessons, and content. Educators can use HubSpot to create engaging course materials, schedule lessons, and monitor student progress. This streamlined setup improves the overall learning experience. 

Digital/Virtual Learning Material: In an increasingly digital world, HubSpot integration allows educational institutions to deliver high-quality digital and virtual learning materials. Whether it's e-books, videos, interactive quizzes, or other digital content, HubSpot can help organise, deliver, and track these materials to enhance the online learning experience. 

Correct Implementation and Setup: Implementing and setting up HubSpot correctly is crucial for its effectiveness. Educational institutions can benefit from HubSpot's customer support and resources to ensure proper implementation. HubSpot provides guidance on best practices and offers training to help users make the most of their integration. 

3. Data-Driven Decision Making: 

Comprehensive Analytics: HubSpot provides powerful analytics tools that offer deep insights into your marketing, sales, and customer engagement efforts. You can track key performance indicators (KPIs) and use data to make informed decisions and refine your strategies. 

Real-time Reporting: Get access to real-time reporting, allowing you to respond promptly to changing trends and opportunities. Identify what works and what needs improvement, optimising your EdTech operations. 

4. Scalability: 

Adaptability: HubSpot's integration capabilities can grow with your organisation. Whether you're a startup or an established EdTech giant, HubSpot can adapt to your evolving needs without major disruptions. 

Expansion Opportunities: As you scale, HubSpot's CRM can support more extensive lead nurturing and sales pipeline management, helping you reach a broader audience and enter new markets. 

5. Enhanced Marketing Campaigns: 

Targeted Marketing: Integration enables you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns for different segments of your audience, such as students, educators, or institutions. 

Automation: You can automate marketing workflows, from lead generation to nurturing and conversion. This ensures that your marketing efforts are always active, even when your team isn't. 

6. Efficient Sales Strategies: 

Lead Prioritization: HubSpot can help prioritise leads based on their engagement and readiness to make a purchase. This allows your sales team to focus their efforts where they're most likely to succeed. 

Sales Analytics: Access to sales analytics enables you to monitor the performance of your sales team and identify areas for improvement. 

7. Cost Savings: 

Reduced Software Costs: By consolidating your software stack through integration, you can potentially reduce the number of licenses and subscriptions needed, leading to cost savings. 

Time Savings: Automation and streamlined processes save valuable time for your team, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks rather than routine data entry or manual processes. 

8. Enhanced Collaboration: 

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Integration promotes collaboration between marketing, sales, customer support, and other departments. Teams can work together seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive approach to customer engagement. 

Shared Insights: Shared data and insights from HubSpot provide a common language for different teams, fostering better communication and alignment. 

9. Data Security

Privacy: Privacy and data security are paramount in the education sector. HubSpot takes data security seriously and offers robust privacy and security features. Institutions can trust that student and faculty data is protected, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

In the dynamic world of EdTech, integration is the key to success. HubSpot's robust integration capabilities offer a path to a more streamlined, efficient, and effective operation. Embrace the power of integration, unlock new opportunities, and take your EdTech company to the next level with HubSpot. 

TransFunnel’s comprehensive data-driven insights will supercharge your marketing and sales efforts, while seamless integration ensures an efficient and unified operation. 

Experience optimised conversions, maximize your ROI, and gain a competitive edge with real-time analytics. 

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