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How To Craft A Content Marketing Strategy That Everyone Loves

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TransFunnel Consulting Jan 17, 2023

Do you know what Google Hummingbird update focuses on? It pinpoints the intent behind the search queries. Before this update, Google searches were based on keywords for the desired results. Today, Google Hummingbird is the direct answer to all the content related queries. Hummingbird search update is useful because it allows conversational search, voice search and human search. Thus, Hummingbird update isn’t a recovery of SEO but an opportunity for the future.

Along with this update, Google has also made broad changes to Google’s current core search algorithm update just to see how ranking systems assess content.

Why does Google make subsequent changes every now and then? All this is designed to better understand searcher’s intent with the help of machine learning technology.

Here’s how you can start

Did you know that 7% of the marketers actively invest in their content marketing strategies? Let’s see what you can do to craft a content marketing strategy that everyone loves!

Figure Out What Top SEOs Do Differently

Given below are a few things that top SEOs do differently for crafting a content marketing strategy that both Al and humans love.

  • Moving away from only optimising around exact match keywords.
  • Aggressively promoting their content via link building, paid channels, repurposing, etc.
  • Emphasising SEO-friendly website architecture along with consistent internal linking.
  • Thinking of content like a series of pillars for stabilising the foundation of your marketing strategy.

That’s how top SEOs craft their content marketing strategy different from the competitors.

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What Is Pillar Content?

What is Pillar Content

The content that provides a complete answer to any search query asked by the prospects is termed pillar content. The idea behind pillar content is to provide value to the reader and quality rankings on Google. Content pillars are formed to help support the business’s greater goals. 

Simply put, pillar content gives your content a purpose.

Understand The 10X Content Pillar Page

When the content is 10x better than the top-notch content already on the search pages, it’s termed as 10X content. You can frame a 10x content pillar page keeping in mind the following points:

  • Dive deep down into the core topic
  • Format it similarly to an ungated ebook
  • Know what you’re talking about 
  • Do real in-depth research
  • Who will consume your content
  • Why are you different
  • Problems faced by your audience

And, to answer all the above questions you might need to be in touch with several teams and collaborate with them to figure out how to frame an effective 10x pillar page.  

Framing The Resource Pillar Page

Content marketing is sometimes a never-ending slog of blogs, social media posts and landing pages. Most companies fall flat in boosting their engagement and generating leads with the help of content. That’s where content pillars come to your rescue. Here’s how you can break down pillar content for social media and your website.

  • Main Pillar – In-depth content with over 3k words
  • Sub-Pillar – Content targeting long tail keywords 
  • Individual Blogs – Content covering core pillar and cluster topics 

A pillar content strategy must be used because it helps in the following:

  • Improving content organisation
  • Boost SEO
  • Better content ideas
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Using the right KPIs 
  • Creating an effective content marketing system

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To Frame The Resource Pillar Page, Focus On The Following Steps:

Content marketing strategy checklist

1. Identify The Main Keyword And The Topic

For this, you need to understand your audience well and perform a blend of customer and keyword research. Keep in mind the search intent and identify the buyer personas equally well.

2. Auditing The Existing Content

After having a general idea of what the content is going to be about, you can list and assess the existing content to see if it’s updated as per the pillar content strategy created. Content audits are important because they eliminate repeating content topics.

3. Research Your Competitors

After identifying the main topic, it’s important to conduct in-depth research. Carry out a competitor analysis to understand content marketing tactics. Fill out the gaps and assess the areas that you could address better. Build an authoritative and broader guide to beat older rankings.

4. Build Your Resource Pillar

With all the information in hand, it’s time to frame your resource pillar page. Prioritise all the topics as per the customer needs and industry standards. Make a table of contents at the top of your pillar page, including sub-headings with the right semantic/LSI keywords.

5. Create A Cluster To Back Up Your Pillar Content

Build cluster pages, set a scope and a word count. Include sub headings and use a great content map as a guideline to visualise your pillar content. When both cluster pages and pillar content are ready, decide how you can add internal links to create a valuable reading journey for the users. Interlinking between different pieces of content is important for ranking in top SERPs.

6. Content Promotion And Distribution

The last stage involves breaking down your pillar pages into smaller pieces like social posts, infographics, videos and other social media platforms. The pillar page must be one that’s easy to find on your website. Promotion possibilities are endless and it includes the following - 

  • Press release
  • Presentations
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Email newsletters
  • Sharing in social communities and groups
  • Collaborating with influencers

Moreover, you don’t always have to promote your main pillar. It’s recommended to promote any other content or blog posts from the topic cluster.

Pillar Page Layout Tips

Think of your content like a series of pillars, a stabilising foundation for your marketing strategy.

  • Core topic referenced in page title
  • Core topic referenced in URL
  • Core topic referenced in H1 tag
  • Definition of core topic (if applicable)
  • Conversion-focused landing page elements
  • Anchor-linked table of contents
  • Images with core topic referenced in alt text
  • H2 tags for section headers
  • Related core topic terms throughout the page’s content
  • Links to relevant internal resources
  • Links to relevant external resources

Content Promotion Checklist:

Here’s what’s important to keep in mind while making a content promotion checklist.

1. Short-Term Tactics To Do For Every Piece Of Content

  • Send email series to current contacts
  • Upload relevant emails to Facebook and create a look-alike audience
  • Create a series of social posts using interesting snippets from content
  • Outreach to people who linked to similar content
  • Answer five questions on Quora
  • Comment on five blog posts on relevant, authoritative sites

2. Strategic Tasks To Achieve In The Long Term

  • Build relationships with industry influencers
  • Contribute to industry newsletters
  • Guest blog on authoritative websites
  • Become active in industry communities
  • Boost top-performing content on social media
  • Launch remarketing ad campaign
  • Syndicate your content
  • Update/expand top-performing content
  • Repurpose content into new formats
  • Continue creating content to support topics

Concluding Thoughts

With all the awareness of pillar content and other content marketing formats, it’s important to note content marketing’s dirty little secret. The secret says that the good content production to promotion ratio is 50:50. The best is closer to 20:80. Content production always follows content promotion.  

That being said, are you looking for a collaboration that could help you with both? TransFunnel is just a click away!

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