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TransFunnel Grows Retainers by 50% with HubSpot

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Sep 24, 2018

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TransFunnel Consulting was founded by Kapil Arora in 2016 and offers end-to-end marketing automation consulting services delivered by a team of inbound marketing and mobile experts. Inbound experts assist clients with implementation, deployment, training, and more. Today, they service clients across India, the USA, and Europe. As practitioners of the inbound methodology, it was only natural for TransFunnel to join the HubSpot Agency Partner Program. The program not only enabled them to offer their services to end customers, but it also provided them a robust platform that streamlined, managed, and tracked activities across the business funnel. Since adopting HubSpot, TransFunnel has experienced exponential growth, whereby they generated 200% more traffic to their website, increased leads generated by 25x, and to top it all off, have an additional 50% of clients on a retainer. With such stellar growth, it was no surprise TransFunnel became a Gold Partner within three months of their on-boarding, also making them the fastest partner to achieve Gold status in Asia-Pacific.


Growth in retainers after joining the Partner Program



Increase in website traffic compared to the previous year


More leads generated within five months


Growth in retainers after joining the Partner Program


Ready for Growth and Gearing up to Get There

Before HubSpot, TransFunnel relied heavily on referrals as well as outbound email marketing campaigns to generate leads. Over time, the outbound emails stopped working as they had exhausted their database and weren’t actively adding fresh leads. This outbound approach was manual, and TransFunnel was looking instead to automate their process and focus on acquiring quality leads and the core of the business, which was to deliver the best service possible to clients.

The founder and his team firmly believed in the inbound methodology, so it was a natural choice to look for the best platform to implement inbound marketing tactics for the business and clients. TransFunnel was familiar with HubSpot as they already had clients on the platform and were experienced working on it. When the opportunity arose to join the Agency Partner Program, it solidified their choice to get on board.

While the business grew, the team expanded in tandem and consisted of very diverse functions such as sales representatives, consultants, inbound marketers, writers, developers, and freelancers. With multiple touch points, they needed a way to communicate and collaborate with the least amount of friction but with optimal transparency.

Built for Success with the Agency Partner Program

TransFunnel incorporated the HubSpot tool internally, and that immediately provided the team visibility at each point of the business funnel, therefore allowing them to collaborate efficiently and tighten up the process of identifying opportunities and turning them into revenue.

The Meetings, Tasks, Forms, Workflows, and Lists tools, in particular, were pivotal in driving 95% of inquiries into meetings for the business. The automation put in place made this possible as it reduced time spent on unnecessary back and forth and the now seamless process they have has reduced the drop off rate between leads making an inquiry and booking a meeting.

With more time on their hands, it was time to build a robust lead generation funnel. TransFunnel achieved this by embracing the inbound methodology and leveraging on the functionalities of the HubSpot tool to launch a blog, optimise their website, and build landing pages to drive prospects closer to buying their services. Throughout this process, the team had access to the expertise of their dedicated account manager and an extensive database of resources offered. For example, the HubSpot Campaign Kits containing great content pieces was used extensively to attract and convert customers.