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We Can’t Keep Calm. It’s Our 4th Anniversary. 

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Aug 07, 2019

Transfunnel 4th Anniversary

Yes, we are tooting our own horn and for good reason. We accomplished 4 successful years at Transfunnel. And we call it an accomplishment because we literally started from scratch, created a pool of happy humans, missed a few hits, hit a lot of targets, but in all, remained together. We have overcome challenges, rode many ups and downs, and have finally grabbed the Diamond cup in HubSpot’s Quidditch match. 

We have arrived! 

Without being jet-lagged, that too. Talking about that, a big part of our team works remotely too - from different parts of the world. And contrary to popular beliefs about remote working, our remote workforce is actually thriving. We huddle up every morning to get weather and work updates from each other. Yes, we care deeply about climate change, among other things. 

Let’s hear what our CEO, Kapil Arora has to say about Transfunnel turning 4, “TransFunnel is like a second child to me. How every passing second became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days to months, and finally years, it’s been a joyride. And here we are completing our fourth year. I think what makes working here so unique is that we don't work just because we are finishing a task, but because we want to see TransFunnel grow further and reach a level where we can contribute to others’ lives in a positive manner."

He further adds, "There are multiple HubSpot partners who have been in the industry for years and have much bigger teams than us. Even then, we managed to lead the way with a small team.  We are all actually heroes, working in our domains and trying to prove that you don't need a big badge or don't have to be a part of Silicon Valley to be successful. Empathy, Attitude, Respect, Willingness, and Hardwork make us different from other partners. And our company culture has played a big role in it.”

Our cultural values always bring us back to why we are a part of Transfunnel, other than our individual goals. 

As our Marketing Manager, Rajesh puts it, “It’s been a year with TransFunnel and I can proudly say that I am a part of a bigger cause than simply strategising and executing marketing campaigns that drive results.  We are literally cape-less superheroes because even when all odds are against us, we still manage to turn things around. We indeed are the Avengers of Marketing, fighting the Infinity War, where every member of the team helps the other with their unique skills and makes us believe that at the end of the day, it is the team that wins; not just the individual.” 

It was only some time ago that we spoke extensively about our bigger cause which we are working hard to accomplish - making a real difference to businesses that need support and direction. And of course, have those businesses tap different beers as they cheer to realising their dreams. 

Talking about beer, yes, we like to have some on Fridays, and probably that’s how we take on lots and lots of work. Just kidding. We have had many chill Fridays, hot Mondays, and quite exciting days in between. 

Don’t believe us? Hear it from our fun Software Developer Sakshi Bansal, “It's been an amazing journey from being a naive college pass out to learning some of the most fascinating technical aspects of development. The growth I have experienced here has been remarkable on a professional as well as personal level. The team members are all ears with all kinds of problems at all times. This one year really taught me to believe in myself.” 

She also means she has a lot of fun at work. You have to read between the lines for that one. Our SEO Manager, Dheeraj Dani confirms that well, “It's been almost a year with Transfunnel and I have witnessed not only the ups and downs but also how courageously we overcame them. I saw a crazy zeal to become the only diamond partner in India (we are also the only one in SEA) and  the hunger to learn in each and every team member.” 

Dheeraj is a big foodie (notice ‘hunger’ in his words) and keeps us all on edge with his treats. We have got many other treats in the form of our new team members as well. Meet Geetika Mishra, the remote working Marketing Manager, who is very young but would like to grow old with Transfunnel! Word. “While Transfunnel is celebrating its 4th birthday, I am celebrating my 3 month anniversary. Before this, I had never experienced this flow of high energy in the entire team in my career of the last 7 years (maybe she is not that young after all). The culture and attitude of the company are all about "Never Say Never”. At Transfunnel, we learn, we help, and we grow! And I would love to grow old with it”, she adds. 

Gives a finishing touch our calm and composed (we don’t know how she manages that) Marketing Executive, Snigdha Jaitly, “While working in this company, I can say that time does fly. It feels like yesterday that I had joined and even though it's been only five months, it’s become an integral part of my day-to-day life. The concept that makes this company so unique is its flat hierarchy, providing equal opportunities and respect to each and every member of the organisation.” 

We promise we didn’t bribe them to get these testimonials. These are simply oozing out of their beings! :) 

“It’s been really great working with Transfunnel”, recalls one of our first employees Deepshikha Dhankhar, Content Strategist, “I started working with Transfunnel when I was in the UK (went to India and came back again) and I was flabbergasted at the way Kapil encourages remote working employees. He puts his faith in you and gives you the freedom to open your wings wide. It’s a great example of the organisation’s ability to show faith in remote employees. No wonder we have got so many!” 

Told you, we are all over the world! 

We are ready for world domination. Are you watching us close? While you do that, Happy 4th Anniversary to Transfunnel!


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