Why do we need a landing page?
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5 reasons why we need a landing page

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 02, 2021

Up your conversion rate with landing pages

As noted digital entrepreneur and strategist Jeff Bullas puts it - Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.

Let us first understand what a landing page is. In the world of digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page created for marketing and advertising campaign purposes. While a home page contains too much information, which prompts the user to explore different pages and invest more time, a landing page takes the user directly to where he/she may get the exact information they are looking for. This leads to a clear call-to-action, which in turn, results in more traffic as it is specific to what a customer wants.

Being simple and focused is what makes a landing page the best option to increase the conversion rate and decrease the cost for acquiring a lead.

What are the components of a landing page?

Every landing page is composed of core elements or building blocks that help in making it.

These are:

1. Headline:

It offers the main benefit and is used to gain the visitor’s attention.

2. Supporting copy/subheading:

It provides a brief information about what the heading is.

3. Visual media:

Images/ videos/charts that make it visually attractive to visitors.

4. Lead capture form:

This helps to capture the details of visitors with form fields like name, email, phone number and more with a call-to-action.

5. Call to action:

It is a button that tells the visitor what information he/she gets when it is clicked.

6. Permission checkbox:

A required checkbox that is needed to ensure that they want to be contacted.

7. Reinforcing statement:

Small statements that keep the interest of visitors as they scroll down.

8. Benefits:

Lists of benefits the visitor will get with your services.

9. Features:

Additional features and associated benefits.

Learn 5 reasons why you need a landing page and how it is important?

1. Lead generations are easy

Lead generation is easier as compared to a webpage as it is more direct and specific to the visitor’s needs.

There is a call-to-action associated with it that helps to take direct action.

2. Great information collection tool

Marketing offers and landing pages go hand in hand, as the idea is to get your visitor to key in contact information for an offer or the likes so that the form associated with it helps to collect the same.

3. Helps in understanding engaged prospects

Landing pages not only help in generating new leads but also track reconversions of the old leads, which help you understand the prospects that are engaged lately with your business. It further explains the lead behaviour and activities on your website.

4. Helps in collecting demographics about prospects

Each time a lead completes a conversion form on the landing page, valuable lead information is generated by the sales and marketing team. This information is used by the marketing team to understand the type of visitors or marketing personas.

5. Advertising conversions

Advertising is always more effective if it is targeted to the page that contains specific content that supports your ads. The more it is relevant to the page the more it is effective, so you can also combine ads with landing pages, including creating keyword optimised pages for specific pay-per-click ads.


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