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7 Tricks to Overcome Pop Up Form Failures

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Apr 29, 2022

How to get users to successfully fill pop up form without closing it

You may have noticed a pop up form disrupting the flow of your thought process when a page loads while you are looking for some information. You either fill the form or close it. 

For those of you unable to recollect the above mentioned, a pop up form is a small window with form fields that appears when a page loads. It is mainly used to collect leads and also advertise the latest trendy widget, free report, email list signup and more.

How it works:

It disables the background webpage to make it visible only when the popup form is closed either by filling it or rejecting it depending on the option available.

According to HubSpot and Sumo, the top performing 10% of pop-up forms convert at 9.3%. HubSpot also reported that an email marketing firm created a pop-up form that converted 1,375% better than traditional forms.

These are key to increasing the sales for a company.

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Reasons for failures:

Reasons for Failures

For some users, it is just an annoying pop up. A pop up form can sometimes deter a user from browsing a website further. It has a tendency to sometimes create a negative impression towards your brand resulting from the disappointment the user faces while on your website. It may take away the user’s attention from important content or products. 

There are only a few Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that are used to make the popup form visible and block the background content.

Position: fixed; - to make the popup form fixed to the window. 

Display: block; - to make the form visible until the form is filled or closed by the audience.

And overflow: hidden for the body tag to freeze the page and let the user fill the form before performing any other action. 

These will follow other CSS attributes to support the popup window functionality.

In most cases, the site that enables users to view or browse only after filling the popup form will not function in its duty with the web developer who inspects and rewrites these CSS to browse the site without filling the form.

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These popup forms not only fail to do its duty with the web developer but also with the people who know these CSS tricks.

Tricks to create effective pop up forms: 

  • Popup form content should be short and clear and have specific direction to an action.
  • It should not repel the user.
  • Form should pop up after users browse for a while or use a time-based popup.
  • Users should be able to close pop-ups with the “X” (close) button.
  • Placing the popup visibly on the page.
  • Popup content should be relevant to the browsers.
  • Displaying a thank you message or redirecting to another page after form submission should be considered.

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