Hubspot CMS Hub Starter Plan to enhance Business Growth
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How HubSpot CMS Hub Starter Plan Can Push Business Growth

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Oct 29, 2021

Enhance user engagement with HubSpot CMS

Ever realised how simplified content management is getting with technological advancements like HubSpot CMS Starter plan? Yes, this is why moving with time is a good thing for your business. HubSpot has launched the HubSpot content management system (CMS) Starter plan. 

Here, we point out the ways HubSpot starter plans can help businesses to grow better.

1. What is HubSpot CMS hub?

No coding knowledge? Worry not! Hubspot’s content management system, a software application, allows users to build and manage a website without any coding knowledge from scratch. With the help of Hubspot CMS you can create, manage and publish website pages, landing pages and email templates while parallelly pushing your business to skyrocket.

For more information watch this.

2. Hubspot marketplace

HubSpot Marketplace is a platform that helps you create robust web pages. Here, you can lay your hands on hundreds of HubSpot themes, modules, landing pages and email templates that you can use for your web pages. 

Top Hubspot CRM features that allow you to do everything associated with inbound marketing via one portal. 

What are HubSpot assets?

HubSpot Theme: 

HubSpot Theme is a collection of assets - website pages, modules, global particles and more. They help you design your website and give you access to branding color, typography, module spacing, button or form style on theme.json

Template Page:  

HubSpot templates have a collection of landing pages, blogs pages, and emails templates. You can use these HubSpot templates and personalise content to build your own web page.


Modules are used to create different types of sections on your web page like a hero banner, form, tab, image gallery, slider and others.

The assets of HubSpot Marketplace make it as easy as possible for you to create a website through the CMS hub. With the help of these assets you can create a website with an add-on knowledge of coding, if any. 

HubSpot CRM

With CMS Hub you can use the HubSpot CRM which is a tool that helps you manage your customer relations. HubSpot CMS and CRM is a Good combination where it helps your website traffic, analyze the website traffic behavior, target and convert this traffic from a single platform.

3. What is the HubSpot CMS stater plan?

CMS Hub Starter is a simple web content management system for small businesses that want to leverage the functionality of HubSpot customer relationship management (CRM) while building fast, secure, and reliable websites. This plan is designed for small businesses that cannot afford to spend $300 a month, but want to use HubSpot for business growth.

4. How hub starter plan helps your business grow better?

The HubSpot Starter CMS plan comes with some features:

1. Build fast, secure, and reliable websites

A normal CMS hardly considers the security, speed, and reliability of a website. For small businesses, IT resources can be a far-fetched challenge to overcome. HubSpot includes standard security features like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a web application firewall, and a globally hosted content delivery network (CDN) and can help with the above mentioned drawbacks. 

2. Create pro websites with ease

When you are using a CMS hub starter it doesn't require you to have any coding knowledge. Even if you are a marketer, you can do wonders by designing a stunning website that will help you with efficient CRM. 

 Features at a glance:

  • Drag and drop 

  • Design manager

  • Website, blog & landing pages

  • Simple and advanced menu

  • Multi-language content management

  • Local development

  • Site export

  • Blog Import

  • Developer community & documentation

  • Marketplace themes, templates, modules

3. All-In-One Platform

One of the best advantages of the CMS hub starter is that it supports all the CRM facilities. It ensures that your website moves along with your growth strategy. You can track the visitors of your website and analyze their target and then frame a strategy accordingly.

A look at some CRM products to support CMS Starter:

  • Conversation

  • Full CRM

  • Ads

  • Email marketing

  • Forms

  • Unlimited CRM users

  • Facebook messenger integrations

  • Chat & email support

  • Video hosting

  • Web analytics reporting


The CMS Starter allows you to take ownership of your website. Also, it provides the opportunity for developers to build websites using the tools they prefer. A CMS solution that is efficient, secure and reasonably priced.

To learn more about HubSpot CMS Starter contact us. We are a HubSpot platinum solution partner and can help you to gain the CRM you are craving for.

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