7 Reasons To Make Your Website High-Performing With HubSpot Blog Themes
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7 Reasons To Choose Customisable HubSpot Themes To Build High Performing Websites

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 30, 2022

Build High Performing Websites with Customisable HubSpot Themes 

With HubSpot customise themes, everything you need for a high-performing website is already included in the HubSpot marketplace. The best part is you can utilise the multiple options and a collection of features they come with which are not just highly customisable but refine the entire experience for visitors as well.

There are countless choices to be made, many of them visually appealing that require backend development, from site structure to page layout, colour selection to graphics. Fortunately, HubSpot blog website themes can come to your rescue! These customised themes handle all the intricate elements of your website and are expertly packed so that you may establish a site more quickly and with less effort.

What’s more? Fonts, margins, padding, overall content and colour schemes are all editable. This means that if the colour or font of a blog site theme doesn't feel right for your website, you can modify those aspects to make your website look precisely how you want it to.

Following are some of the aspects of Customisable HubSpot Themes : 

1. Drag and Drop

Building websites, landing pages, blogs and other marketing materials is made easier by the drag & drop feature of HubSpot themes. You can drag and drop text boxes, call-to-actions and graphics as a marketer, checkboxes and more without having to deal with the complexity of coding. So, even if you are not a coding expert, you may still design the website or blog of your choice.

2. Highly-Responsive Design

With the help of HubSpot blog website themes, you can create a website that is responsive to not just your computer but mobile and tablet devices as well. This allows users to effortlessly browse through the website and discover information about your brand whenever and wherever. Making your website highly responsive to maximise audience reach and achieve your goal of establishing an online presence.

Revamp Your Website To Boost Organic Search With HubSpot Themes

3. Time-Saving

Since you do not need coding knowledge with HubSpot blog site themes, you can put more effort and focus on more productive tasks, such as planning your website's design, providing an amazing user experience, taking into account the technical SEO and adding information in a way that makes your website easier to read.

Time Saving HubSpot Theme

4. Ease of Editing

HubSpot blog site themes don’t just make life easier for developers but marketers and content producers as well. They can use it to their fullest creative potential to captivate visitors with texts, images or videos. You may also construct call-to-action buttons, modify the font size/style, text colour and more. Additionally, you can select the HubSpot themes that resonate with your brand, which includes pre-built visualisations, templates, icons and more. It allows you to incorporate your ideas and lets you customise the website's look.

5. Vast Collection of Pages

Each business is unique and so is its brand website. For some companies, a contact page with a straightforward form and a home page on which they showcase their services are truly all they require. But for others, an elaborate navigation system that contains ten or more pages might be the best possible choice. What you showcase and provide to your clients will determine everything. This benefit can be leveraged from the availability of different types of pages in the HubSpot themes.

ome of the most common pages offered in HubSpot themes include:

  • About page
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts
  • FAQ
  • Landing pages
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials
  • Meet the team

All you need to do is find a blog page theme that fits perfectly with your brand vision and then includes the right combination of pages.

6. Option for Section Selection

All themes in HubSpot offer a wide selection of basic modules that are freely usable by anyone. But access to bespoke modules is the real benefit of themes. They are the building blocks of HubSpot's templates and themes and are the separate elements that make up a website page. Images, embedded videos, CTA buttons and horizontal spacers are a few examples of modules. You can add innovative features to your HubSpot website with custom modules, which are designed by the theme's developers.

7. A Budget Theme for Every Brand

Budget is always a factor when narrowing down the HubSpot theme for your website. But the great news is that the HubSpot marketplace encapsulates a multitude of free themes. While they do come with a lesser number of features than paid ones, they can serve the purpose of some websites. Moreover, other HubSpot themes cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more. Given how crucial your website is and how costly it can be to pay a developer to create one from scratch, these options come in as highly effective and affordable.

HubSpot Blog Theme in Budget

A website that uses HubSpot blog website themes goes much beyond a standard, everyday website. These blog page themes provide both you and your visitors with everything necessary for the best possible online experience because they are designed for speed, simplicity and convenience.

TransFunnel, an elite HubSpot partner, strives to work relentlessly to assist your company to develop the HubSpot ecosystem. Every new template or theme that we add to the marketplace is made with the target market in mind, which will undoubtedly aid you in creating a cohesive and enjoyable sales & service experience.

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