Best Tips To Automate Lead Nurturing For SaaS Companies
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Automate Lead Nurturing For SaaS Companies With HubSpot

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jun 07, 2022

Constant Improvement The Need Of The Hour 

Every Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry is aware of HubSpot marketing automation and how to approach B2B lead generation and nurturing, as part of the company’s long-term success. SaaS companies, be it the financial institutions, healthcare facilities, customer service or supply chain industry, have to consistently build credibility over time. Moreover, they have to market themselves in the right direction to the right decision-makers, while effectively managing the marketing-sales funnel.

It is precisely the element of constant improvement why SaaS companies are now inclining towards technologies that can develop and implement marketing functions. These functions can be SEO optimising, creating landing pages, automated lead nurturing and so on. The SaaS companies, which engage in these lead generation and nurturing activities have an edge over the others. Furthermore, utilising the fleet of tools offered by HubSpot marketing automation further boosts the marketing strategy of SaaS companies.

This makes HubSpot a distinct marketing tool for SaaS companies with a variety of unique features. Beginning with the HubSpot CRM that is free to commence and run at least for SaaS startups in the initial phases expect a cost-conscious solution. HubSpot also helps SaaS companies with digital and content marketing and allows them to move leads through the complete buying process, enabling a holistic lead generation and nurturing program.

However, amidst the many features HubSpot has to offer, SaaS companies must follow some pro tips to automate their lead nurturing program and gain the most out of the platform.

Understanding The Buyer Persona

Understanding the Buyer Persona

Considering your business is attracting some leads, it is already clear that the type of potential client base is attracted to your product or service category. However, what remains unknown or unclear is the type of clients who will purchase your offerings.

This is where buyer persona gives insights into the wants, needs and demographics of your potential customer base, who will purchase from your brand. This buyer persona includes the person’s goals, different behaviours that they exhibit, their job title, annual household income, values, their experience from your brand and more.

Understanding these elements can align your marketing and lead nurturing strategy to good use and create a streamlined journey for the clients.

Understanding The Buyer Journey By Categorising Their Thought Process

Now that you have put together a strategy to identify the buyer’s persona, the next step requires you to string out how your clients will complete a purchase. HubSpot marketing automation puts together the tools and strategies that help nurture the potential clients throughout their experience in their browsing and buying journey, increasing their chances of buying from your brand.

This step of understanding the buyer’s journey is categorised into three subsets that fundamentally utilise the HubSpot marketing automation and assist in buyer purchase.

The Buyer's Journey



Awareness is the stage where your potential buyers realise they have an issue and decide whether or not they should act on it. It is also the stage where your products or services can align with the needs of your potential buyers with the right marketing strategy, content, videos and call-to-action (CTA). Considering you are targeting the bunch that has already moved ahead from taking action to awareness, you can present the right options by understanding their needs by researching their history. This will provide better results to your potential buyers and help you achieve better results in the lead nurturing stage.


Now that you have gained information on the multiple options your potential buyers are looking for, it’s time to assist them in solving their problem by weighing on the criterions important to them. Once you have researched their needs and the type of content they are looking for, offer them the right match with the list of what is available and engage them with the content that actually helps them in solving their problem or catering to their needs.


Decision making is not just about making the right decision of going with your product or service, but it is about deducing from the long list of products or services that were built during the consideration stage. Your potential buyer has in this stage narrowed down their decision to a few solutions. It is the stage where they are constantly engaging with these narrowed down options.

It is also the stage when your brand has to resonate perfectly with the potential buyer’s problems and offer a tailor-made or best-fit solution.

At TransFunnel, we use HubSpot marketing automation to enhance understanding between sales and marketing. As the first Diamond Certified HubSpot partner in India and SEA, we have what it takes to not only ensure your marketing and sales work in tandem, but also deliver enhanced marketing and sales returns.

Our robust tech stack improves the synergy between marketing and sales, assists in improving conversion rates, enables a shorter sales cycle, creates an enhanced buying experience and offers an improved sales and marketing productivity.

If you need support to integrate your software with HubSpot, hit the connect button.