Top 7 Tips For Writing Best Email Marketing Copies
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The Failsafe Way To Craft Email Marketing Copies

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Mar 18, 2020

The Failsafe Way To Craft Email Marketing Copies

Trying to find an email marketing copy that will increase your click-through rates and lead to more conversions? All marketers work hard to craft the most appropriate campaigns that will convert (isn’t that the end goal?). However, email marketing is ever-evolving - what worked one time won’t necessarily stick another time. It is a craft that every marketer has to balance, and that can be time-consuming. 

What Is The Importance Of Email Marketing?

While chatbots, influencers, and messaging apps are certainly becoming prominent players in inbound marketing, email continues to be one of the least expensive, and most effective communication channels. Therefore it comes as no surprise that active email addresses are slated to grow to 4.4 billion by 2023.

Email marketing generates an ROI of a whopping 3800%!

Did you know that email marketing’s conversion rates are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search? Done right, email marketing can be a major arsenal in your inbound marketing strategy.

Also, HubSpot reports that 73% of millennials prefer to hear from businesses via email. If your email game is not up to par, your business is going to miss out on a lucrative opportunity to attract and convert customers. 

Not convinced yet? Here is another statistic. Emarsys states that 81% of businesses say email marketing drives their customer acquisition and retention.  

Email marketing can help your business build a new relationship, strengthen an existing relationship, or even collect vital information about your buyer personas, and much more. However, a lot of its success depends on the emails getting opened!

Email Marketing For Brand Awareness

How Do We Get There?

Continue reading to find out how you too can write killer email copies that will improve your click-through rates, customer acquisitions, and conversions! 

Tips For Writing Best Email Marketing Copies

  1. Subject, Subject, Subject!
  2. Preview Text
  3. Shouting Can Be Spammy!
  4. Choosing The Right Words
  5. Align Everything
  6. Integrate Social Media
  7. Promote Action!

Let us discuss above:

1) Subject, Subject, Subject! 

Your subject line is the first impression that your email can make, and you only have one shot to get it right. The right subject makes all the difference between your intended audience opening the email, reading it, moving it to trash, or reporting it as SPAM (gasp!). It might seem like a lot of pressure on this one line, but you can do it. Try using humour, capitalise on the fear of missing out (FOMO), or even use a personal appeal in your subject lines.

2) Preview Text

Just like how you decide whether you will watch a movie based on the trailer, your audience will decide whether they will open or even read an email based on the one-line preview text that appears alongside it. 

Technology has made it easier to know what to expect in the subsequent email and therefore the preview text plays an equally important part in your email marketing success (think of it as your supporting subject line). 

Quick tip for preview text: Don’t include unclickable links or instructions. Instead, include action words to create a sense of urgency. It’s even better if you can personalise it!

Email Marketing Drip Campaigns

3) Shouting Can Be Spammy!

Marketers want their customers to be as excited about the product or service as they are, and this can lead to excessive use of exclamation marks and typing in ALL CAPS. Sometimes, it is done as a deliberate marketing gimmick. However, this can easily be read as being spammy and shouting. 

Unless you want the email to head to the spam section, avoid using exclamation points and all caps in the writing, especially in your subject line and preview text.

4) Choosing The Right Words

If we look at some of the most successful email marketing copies like that of AirBnb or Starbucks, you can identify that the right choice of words makes all the difference. 

While the Starbucks email campaign uses soft toning and messaging that “welcomes” you and makes you want to get that Grande Caramel Frappuccino, Airbnb uses holiday-appropriate words to present deals and offers. 

Likewise, you can use sensory words to elicit powerful visuals, power words, or even integrate literary analogies. Remember, what you don’t say is equally important. The Starbucks email doesn’t over share or overpower the customer. It is minimalistic and generates trust. That is what you may aim at in your email copies!

5) Align Everything

In the best email marketing copies, everything aligns - from the subject line, preview text, CTAs, and images. The email delivers on the promise it highlighted in the subject line and text. The reader also starts trusting you when the alignment is correct. For example, if your email is promoting a free download on an ebook, go ahead and include the same picture and title of the ebook on the subsequent landing page. 

6) Integrate Social Media

“90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.” - Emarketer, 2019

The power of social media is undeniable. The most successful email marketing campaigns capitalise on social media by integrating active links that build followers and also, let the readers get to you as a brand on different channels. Integrating social media into your emails improves the reach of your email via different marketing channels, and offers a seamless digital experience. It is undeniably a must-do for all marketers.    

7) Promote Action!

Besides the subject line and preview text, your CTA is probably the third most important thing in your email copy. Good CTAs separate spectacular emails from mediocre ones. Marketers use CTAs to compel users to do more than just read. After all, we want more conversions! Depending on the aim of your marketing campaign, you can opt for CTAs that encourage users to make purchase decisions, learn more, download an ebook, watch a video, register for an event or follow you on social media. 

We encourage you to work with the best team to design the right button, colour, and size of your CTA and get the best ROI for your efforts. 


For any inbound marketing campaign to be successful, your email marketing strategy has to be robust, cohesive, and well-thought-out. Use our email marketing tips to avoid common mistakes and produce killer emails that hit the bullseye time and time again. These tips are failsafe and will ensure that your email marketing campaigns are generating the best ROIs. Here is wishing you write the best email copies for 2020!

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