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Top 5 Google Chrome extensions for marketers

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Jan 11, 2022

Marketing tasks made easy with extensions

Apart from being the go-to search engine for many users, Google also enables them with tools that come in handy in your day-to-day routines – Google Drive, Google Sheet, Google Meet, Google calendar, Google Doc and so on. 

These Chrome extensions for marketers have proven to be advantageous inventions. In this blog, I will be primarily sharing the top 5 extensions that can help you if you are indulging in online marketing for your business.

1. Bitly | Powerful Short Link

This gives you a short and customised link that you can share on social media or use it in your document. 

You can also add the title, tag and customize url for your web page. Once on any web page add click on the extension icon. This will give you an option to customize your url and share it directly on social media.

2. BuzzSumo 

This will give you the data about social engagement, backlink count and share count about a web page.

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3. RiteTag

Everybody wants to trend on the internet. Hashtags play an important role to rank a post or image. RiteTag gives you hashtag ideas for pictures and messages on any site (incredible for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

This also gives an idea about relevant and trending hashtags for your posts.


SocialAnalyzer is a web-based media observing device that permits you to stay aware of moving posts in one of your objective business sectors or enterprises. This extension allows you to find the trending topic on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Check My Links 

It checks your web pages to show you the working and broken links. By using this you can easily identify the web pages that your visitors are able to access and those that you will need to work on.

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