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Top 5 website design trends you must watch out for in 2022

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TransFunnel Consulting Dec 01, 2021

Learn how you can make an impact with designs

First impression is the last impression. While building a website, you have got to impress your visitors or else you invite high bounce rates. The internet is filled with a lot of information and your website must attract viewers. Most importantly, it should utilize your content.

For this, you must follow fundamental web design ideas. You need to make it attractive and user-friendly. It must have all the applicable details to tell your story. And lastly, your web design plan of action must be encouraging.

Top trending web designs in 2022

1. Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most popular web design trends. It provides a low-contrast website that you can easily browse through back in low light context. It helps you highlight content types as well.

A few other reasons you must opt for this include: 

  • Dark mode functions as a battery saver.

  • It gives your device a refreshing and present-day appearance.

  • Your eyes don’t get stressed while using a device in a low-light environment.

2. Vector art

We can always add exclusive graphics to your website to enhance its look. It does not mean that we will increase its loading time and quality. This is where vector art comes into the picture.

The file’s SVG format makes it possible for users to scale the visuals based on their demands while keeping up with the original graphics quality. 

3. Parallax animation

Parallax is an optical apparition that we see in our daily life. It shows up when close objects seem to shift quicker than distant objects. The parallax effect on websites and landing pages looks very real.

It converts the computer monitor screen into a stage. While browsing through the pages, it gives users a magical appeal. 

4. Cursor or mouse actions/icons

While you scroll, your cursor changes its shape and colour and this creates an impactful appeal. This gives users a unique feel while browsing through pages. 

5. Gradient color scheme

Users love special and inventive, engaging designs.

When it comes to colours, there are several of them. Gradients simply present shades in a very unique way. They offer more scope for creativity. Using gradient colors is a very good option even if you want your design to stand out. The gradient creates an illusion of motion. It can be called as an analog of motion web design without using animation.


Watch out for these trending website designs to make your pages effective, efficient, visually vibrant and impactful to increase your user enhancement.

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