Technical SEO Audit And Strategy: Tips To Boost Web Traffic
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Why Technical SEO Audits & Strategy Are Important to Boost Web Traffic

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TransFunnel Consulting Mar 17, 2022

Optimise Your Website And Server With SEO Tech

It is not just enough that your content is SEO optimised. Your website and server too require optimisations to enable search engine spiders index your site for organic ranking. This is where technical search engine optimisation (SEO) audit and strategy enter the scene.

Let Us First Understand On-Page And Off-Page SEO Vs Technical SEO

  • On-Page SEO

This includes optimisation of your webpage, which includes your site URL naming, meta descriptions, image alt text, H1 tags, keyword usage, internal linking, meta titles and so on.

  • Off-Page SEO 

Here, the actions are taken outside the website. The quality of the backlink as well as its quantity boost the ranks of the web pages. Some off-page examples are social bookmarking (SBM), article sharing and image sharing. 

  • Technical SEO

Fixing the technical SEO of your website helps improve the health of your site. Lesser the technical SEO errors, better the ranking of a website.

Technical SEO


Making your site work faster at the initial level with technical SEO audit and strategy is important for the search engines to find, crawl, render and index the pages of your website. You can have the best site with the best content but if your SEO tech is not up to the mark, then it’s difficult to rank in the search engine results page (SERP).

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Why Focusing On Tech SEO Is Vital?

Technical SEO audit and strategy are important because they ensure that your website is easy to navigate and is free from any technical problems that prevent it from being ranked through search engines. You need to implement tech SEO to draw organic traffic.

Technical SEO audit


Technical SEO Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

  • Plan Your Website Structure (Applicable For New Websites)

It’s important that your visitors and the search engines can easily navigate your pages without any difficulties. That’s why you want to create a logical site structure.

  • Make Sure Your Web Pages Are Crawlable

Search engines cannot index the content that is unable to crawl, so it’s necessary that you check the coverage report in the search console for warnings, if any.

  • Check Whether Your Web Pages Are Also Indexable

Indexing and crawling are the two most important and unique options that must be checked. Just because engines like Google and Bing can easily crawl a web page doesn’t imply that they are able to index it. If there is a ‘noindex’ in the robots meta tag or x‑robots-tag at the web page, then indexing is not possible at all.

  • Do A Complete Technical SEO Site Audit

Site audit website examples (Semrush, Screaming Frog, Dareboost, SpyFu). A complete technical audit of the site will help you understand the errors and warnings on your website. By fixing those errors and warnings, the site’s health would improve immensely.

  • Add Schema Markup

Schema helps a search engine to designate the elements on your webpage for search bots. The schema specifies the web pages whether it’s a product page or a video one. You can generate schema with the following websites like schema markup generator of tech SEO site, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and more. 

  • Work On The Speed Optimisation

Try to improve the page load time as it can get annoying to click on a SERP and wait for it to load. As the web page speed decreases the possibility of a bounce rate increases. You can use tools like Website grader, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and more to check how fast your website is.

  • Add Internal Links

This can help your visitors jump from one page to another. They also help web pages rank higher in  search engines.

  • Add Breadcrumbs

​​​​​​​Breadcrumbs are the page links that allow visitors to track in which phase they are on a domain and how far are they from the homepage. You will commonly find breadcrumbs on the top of the webpage and if not, then surely under the navigation bar.

  • Try To Use HTTPS Versions Only

​​​​​​​HTTPS websites are more secure. If you are not using the HTTPS versions, then it’s time to migrate your website to the HTTPS version.

  • Make Site Mobile-Friendly

Make site mobile-friendly

Make sure your website is mobile friendly and is easily used by people on mobile devices. To know about mobile-friendliness about your site, check the mobile usability in the Google search console.

  • Use Hreflang For Multiple Languages

​​​​​​​The attributes are used to distinguish the web pages according to different locations. 

  • XML Sitemap

​​​​​​​This allows search engines to locate all the essential pages in your web page and index your web page quickly. 

  • Do Not Keep Important Pages In The Depth Of Your Site

​​​​​​​Page depth refers to the number of layers down a web page that exists in your site structure. Try to keep the important pages within reach.

  • Use Canonical To Avoid Duplicacy

​​​​​​​If your site has multiple pages with a larger amount of content that are duplicate to each other, then try to apply this code within the web page that is currently posted and upload the URL of the href, which was earlier published.

  • Validate Code Using W3C Validator

​​​​​​​Check whether there are coding errors while designing the web pages.

  • Consider Enabling AMP

​​​​​​​Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are specially designed for mobile versions.

  • Fix The Pages Without Declaring Doctype

​​​​​​​Specify a doctype for each of your pages by adding a element right before the

What Are The Different Tools For Site Audit To Check Tech SEO Errors

  • Google Search Console (Free)
  • Semrush (Paid)
  • Screaming-Frog (Paid)
  • HubSpot's Website Grader (Free)

site audit


In a nutshell, in order to organically rank higher on search engines, ensure you give equal importance to SEO tech audit and strategy as much as you give on and off page SEO. 

Do you have a small, big, medium business for which you need a healthy website? We can provide you with the technical SEO you need for this.