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6 Tips To Create Responsive Landing Pages on Marketo

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Mar 01, 2022

Optimise landing pages on Marketo, get lead-worthy

You may already be aware of the importance of landing pages, as they are a powerful way to generate leads. Creating landing pages on Marketo helps build an impact on your leads, but it is not easy and that is why based on my experience, I have recommended 6 tips to create responsive landing pages on Marketo. 

These tips can get you user-friendly templates, which can be suitable for all devices. 

1. Free-form vs guided templates

Free-form templates are good for simple use when you don’t have enough time or resources, You can simply drag-and-drop elements on your landing page. Free-form landing pages have limited functionality and responsiveness.

Guided landing pages have a unique syntax. They are more customised compared to free-form templates. Guided landing pages have pre-defined elements and variables.

Elements are text, image, snippet, form, share button or Marketo assets.

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2. Upload custom CSS files to Marketo

I once created a Marekto landing page on an external CSS when suddenly the page styling did not render the result I expected. I soon realised that my template was adding an external CSS file. How do you solve such an issue? You must first upload the fuels to Design Studio > Images & File. Here you can create your own folder for particular files and improve the reference to the URL in the code. Marketo will serve the file as we expect it to.

3. Edit URL settings

You always want to view the preview of the Marketo page to show it to someone who does not have an approach to your case. Choose URL Tools > Generate Preview URL and copy your link and send it.

If you want to change your landing page URL and make it more SEO-friendly, choose edit URL settings.

4. Name elements in your landing page template

This keeps your landing page organised. Elements are the different sections of content that make up a landing page. They can be text, image, snippet, form, share button or Marketo assets. We can rename these Marketo elements by double-clicking on the name. These names have unique IDs of the elements.

5. Set up Marketo landing pages for SEO

Never leave the metadata. This is generally a step people oversee. Meta tags define the content of your landing pages. Set up for metadata, edit your landing page and then click on Landing Page Actions > Edit Page Meta Tags.

  • Index: Your landing page and its content are indexed by search engines.
  • Noindex: Your landing page and its content are not indexed by search engines.
  • Follow: Search engines will follow the landing page links and transfer SEO.
  • Nofollow: Google search engines do not follow the links on your landing page.

6. Update your existing template

If you've got your master landing page template set up and you would like to upgrade existing landing pages linked to the template, then you can do that effortlessly.

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