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Making an impact with HubSpot themes

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Mar 04, 2022

Why HubSpot themes help you design a customisable website?

Website themes are easy to use and can change the whole look of your website in just a single drag and drop click. Themes help customise the design of your website, including the typography, layout, colours and other elements and sections. 

HubSpot themes provide a bundle of modules, sections, templates and all things stylish, which can help you design a customisable website

Why HubSpot themes? 

Hubspot themes provide an advanced user interface for admins. The interface helps users easily create, edit and delete elements based on their website requirements. With the help of the global window on HubSpot themes, users can customise their website’s layout, typography, colours, spacing and more.

How To Create Templates in HubSpot?

Benefits of using HubSpot themes:

  • Global control window.
  • Advanced customisation, which means creating unique layouts.
  • Reusable elements that help to cut down the quantity of new components.
  • Ability to move or copy themes from one account to another.

How to get a HubSpot theme?

All HubSpot themes are available on HubSpot marketplace. There are several themes available for different categories wherein users can use the marketplace’s sorting, filtering and other features to find the perfect theme for them.

How To Create A Drag And Drop Email Template In HubSpot

A package of themes in the HubSpot app cascades across various locations to enable an efficient content creation experience. Users can use themes to create a design system to work within the content creator. Any amount of flex or railing can be built into a theme to meet the needs of your business.

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