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Reasons Why HubSpot CMS Should Be The Best Choice in 2022

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TransFunnel Consulting Dec 08, 2021

HubSpot CMS: User-friendly tool to manage your web assets

It’s almost 2022 and thanks to technological advancement around the globe, we are all surrounded by multiple digital platforms. Every person owns a mobile or a laptop. In a scenario like this, every business needs a website because users are reading their content to understand the products or services they offer. 

In a way, a website is the front door of any business on which visitors knock before being welcomed. To make this very content readable and impactful for subsequent business growth, every businessman must choose the right content management system (CMS).

Among the many CMS available in the market, one that stands out is the HubSpot CMS. It consists of tools that work as a unit to give you the control of your website assets. It takes away from you the taxing task of managing your web assets. Instead, it helps you focus on building campaigns, content and control your website that results in growth. A CMS market statistics shows that the CMS market will reach $123 billion by 2026.

Let us explore the 9 best reasons to choose HubSpot CMS:

1. Anti-hack security feature

On the internet, nothing is completely secured. Any information is prone to be attacked by hacking. If an owner has a website, then he needs to think about its security. HubSpot CMS has an inbuilt Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. It always takes in the vision of website traffic and data to automatically block any sensitive information, which has come from an external source on the website. The support team of HubSpot CMS protects your website round the clock. HubSpot CMS provides a web firewall, which works like a wall between hackers and websites.

2. Customizable app/assets marketplace

Every website will need to be customized according to their requirements. HubSpot CMS marketplace has as many as 500+ apps.

The categories available in the HubSpot marketplace fall under:

a: Accounting

b: Sales Management

c: Channel Management

d: Webinars and more...

These apps have passed many development tests. It enables users to write a review or rate the app, which helps new users find and filter apps before use. A new user can easily get an overview of any app with the ratings and reviews.

3. Free training and certifications

HubSpot CMS provides training material in the form of tutorials and blogs to teach users how they can create websites and use available tools and manage data. 

It provides certification in various verticals such as:

a: Design a website

b: Content marketing

c: Inbound marketing

d: Sales and more...

The certification is free of cost and will help users to get more information in their respective fields. 

4. In-built SEO tool

Every business has competitors and to be ahead in the race, it must ensure that they rank well on the Google search engine. The in-built SEO tool helps the user with keyword focus and page SEO recommendations. With this, you can see which page needs optimization and can do the needful using the HubSpot editor.

Research reveals that an average user decides where to click in the first three seconds after finding the links on the results page. What also matter here are website speed, and its position on Google Algorithm. HubSpot promises 99% uptime, it improves website speed and the overall ranking on Google search.

HubSpot CMS also provides information about what the users are looking for with regards to your products or service. It helps owners plan a content marketing strategy that will increase your authority on Google search, and get you optimization advice as you type your content. 

5. Ready-to-use themes and templates

The HubSpot website builder is easy-to-use and does not require any help from a developer. You can create any website, landing page, email template and blog template with these 5000+ themes and templates and fulfill most of your business needs.

6. Drag and drop feature

The drag and drop feature doesn’t require you to know HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This feature by HubSpot CMS enables you to build a professional website just like magic. The feature provides an interface where you can change the design and layout. HubSpot CMS provides 35 default modules with header, CTA, form, sliders, blog post, socials and many more.

7. Analytics tool

Every businessman must know about his website traffic and his visitors’ behaviour on the website. An analytics report tells you about your website traffic and gives you insights about the page users and their behaviour. HubSpot CMS provides an in-built analytics tool, which helps you monitor your website traffic and provides an extra filter option as per the marketer’s requirement.

8. Accelerated mobile pages support

In the time of online shopping and all things online, mobile phones are the most used. Businesses want their websites to appear mobile-friendly with a fast loading speed. With accelerated mobile pages (AMP), Google will load them on mobile devices quickly by force. HubSpot CMS comes with AMP support in every page of the website so that pages will be rendered faster on mobile.

9. Multi-language functionality in web pages

In an age and time when businesses build relations globally, HubSpot CMS provides a multi-language variant creation feature of a single web page. With this, a user can easily switch to another language. 

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