6 Ways To Update Content With Easy, Code-Free HubSpot Themes
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6 Ways to Update Content With Easy, Code-Free HubSpot Themes

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TransFunnel Consulting Dec 01, 2022

Content Update Made Easy With Specially Designed HubSpot Themes

HubSpot Themes for beginners are specially designed for those who find it overwhelming to update their website content as their brand takes force. While regular update of content is important to keep your user’s interest intact, HubSpot Themes give an added advantage of exciting features to enhance your website content.

HubSpot Themes are an easy-to-use collection of website-building tools, including templates, modules, global content and stylistic choices. Their easy drag-and-drop feature offer the ease of updating content without the need for coding. One can simply pick the ideal theme, customise it with templates and start updating content. The drag-and-drop content editor may be used to edit pages using the best HubSpot Themes and you can configure your blog settings to use themes for blog templates. The other elements that you wish to include will depend on your website and business.

Following are the ways in which you can update your content by using code-free HubSpot Themes:

1. Choose a Blog Template

You can examine or modify the templates used for your blog articles and blog listing page on the Templates tab. Additionally, you can alter the layout of your listing page and add unique HTML code to the header and footer of your templates.

  • To manage your blog post template, click the Actions dropdown menu in the Blog post section
  • To select a different template, select Change template. Select your new template on the template selection screen, then click Done. Click Save in the bottom left corner of your template's settings
  • To edit your template in the design manager, select Edit. Find out more about modifying a listing or blog post template
  • To view a preview of your template, select Preview

2. Include Pages on Your Website

Website Page Content

Before you start updating content for your website, make sure to carefully consider the different pages to include in your website. You'll need a homepage, an "About Us" page, a "Services/Product" page and a "Contact Us" page at the very least, however it depends on the type of business you run.

If you're unclear of how to structure your navigation bar or which pages to include and exclude, you can browse the websites of other businesses in your sector to acquire suggestions.

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3. Use Email Templates

HubSpot offers a free tool for creating HubSpot email templates. Create templates from your best and most frequent sales emails that you can edit, improve and distribute to your team. 

4. Include System Templates

Some system pages include error pages, password prompts, subscription pages, backup subscribe subscriptions update pages, search result sites, etc. So, it is essential to include system templates for facilitating updating of content on websites.

5. Edit Content in HubSpot Themes

Content Edit In HubSpot Theme

Demo content can be found throughout the website while configuring HubSpot responsive themes. Your website's style and design should be consistent with the objectives of your company. In light of this, you will need to appropriately alter it by taking a look at the theme page template and the modules employed.

Benefits of HubSpot Themes

Below are the few modules that you can edit for updating your content:

  • About Us:

All potential clients should be able to connect with your business and ideals in the most engaging way possible. You can also include a few high-quality photographs and links to additional website pages in your bio.

  • Client Slider: 

This module lets you show the logos of your clients or partners. In addition, you might include links to their websites. This is often employed by B2B marketing for its effectiveness and features.

  • Broken Grid Banner:

You can choose the headline and heading font size for various devices, add sliders with your company's graphics, adjust the text on banners and add button text with a link.

6. Edit Global Modules

There are typically two global modules, a website header and a website footer in each HubSpot Theme template. When you update a HubSpot page template or once you create a page using HubSpot Themes, follow the simple steps -

  • Go to page editor, contents and then website header
  • A window will pop up. Choose "open in global content editor" from the menu.

The primary navigation, header search and other elements are available for addition. All instances of global content in your account will be affected by any changes made to it.

How TransFunnel will help you?

You must be acquainted with the HubSpot marketplace themes for updating content using HubSpot responsive themes. TransFunnel, can help you with the best themes and templates available in our marketplace via HubSpot resources that fits the needs of your specific website and campaign. The HubSpot Themes are completely customisable and span all use cases. So why spend so much time and energy looking for the perfect template and themes? Our expertise in the field has allowed us to produce a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced assets that will greatly increase the value of your business.

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