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How To Successfully Design For A Target Audience

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TransFunnel Consulting Mar 11, 2022

Give them the design flow that gives them information

Today, information on anything under the sun is available at the click of a mouse. If you are running a business, then it's very important for you to understand and know your audience thoroughly. Only then can you provide the relevant information they are looking for. It is necessary that you connect with your target audience using the right message. This is only possible through research and implementation of a powerful strategy and a responsive web design.

Every organization has websites that think they provide all the information their audience needs. But the internet is not that easy to maneuver. Most organizations fail to reach their intended audience because of poor content and design representation. It’s easy to get influenced with new web design trends and forget about your target audience. But it's also important to take care of the choice of color palettes, typography, web templates, images and content appeal and incorporate a responsive website design. 

Let us now delve into the tips to design to attract your target audience

Recognise your target audience

To create a great design, you need to understand your audience first. Understanding your customers is very important, as it will help you in taking the right decision such as color palettes, layout, path, typography or look and feel of the design.

You need to understand who your audience is and what kind of design catches their attention. Ask questions to your audience to understand them better and design to appeal to their interests.

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Create buyer personas

Think about the creative side from your client’s point of view because what works for you may not work for your audience. Step into your client’s shoes and build a buyer persona, think about their path and experience, what they will be looking for when they land on your website. Analyze your visibility and craft a relevant strategy. 

Have a look at your competitors

Looking at your competitors’ website doesn't mean you are copying them. It's normal to look at your competition and evaluate their strategy. Check what you have in common, as it will help you to understand where your company stands. Look for the things they are good at and analyze their weaknesses and opportunities as well so that you can work on them and have an advantage.

Remove any personal bias

I know it's difficult to put aside your personal preferences. Designers are likely to design with the flow, but it's very important to design in the favor of your users. Keep in mind that what works for you may not work for your users. Your responsibility is to take care of the user experience and give them a responsive web design. 

Use of typography

Wisely choosing font or customizing typography is a great way to convey your brand. Serif fonts are a great match for the website with traditional feel, whereas the websites with modern feel go best with sans-serif fonts. Font size, weight and family also play an important role in the look and feel of your website.

Choosing colour palettes 

You need to be careful while picking colors for your website, as they influence the moods and emotions of people. Get an idea of the type of colors, which will influence your users. Try choosing less colors (2 or 3 at the most) as it will help your users to remember your brand. Also, the website will look clean and consistent with minimal colors.

Focus on content

Content on the website is the main aspect to influence the users. You need to be very careful while writing content, as it should not be inappropriate or lacking in quality. The type of content or style of writing creates an impression on your audience. A complicated content will result in losing the audience so you need to keep it simple and easy to understand, which is also part of a responsive web design. 

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Putting eye catching images 

Visuals are more quickly understandable than words. You will be able to relate with it when we consider movies and books as an example. Explaining the content through images or videos is more effective. Pick the images, which are relevant to your content or website as it will help to seek the attention of users and welcome them into your world of products or services. 

Arrange information in an order

Arrange the information in a way to help your users navigate the site. Ordering the information in visual hierarchy gives a path to elements on the way they are displayed and positioned. 

Surprise users at every scroll

Surprise your users at every step by implementing fun and helpful factors to your website. This will make them remember your website and put your brand in the unique zone. People are more likely to work with companies, which makes their experience better. At the end of the day, a smile on the face of your user matters the most.

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