What is HubSpot Audit? | Why You Need HubSpot Audit Annually?
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Using HubSpot? Why an Annual Audit of the System is Most Critical

TransFunnel Consulting
TransFunnel Consulting Nov 25, 2019

How do we know if something is performing as per expectation? Or understand if we are even using the tools correctly? 

We run an audit. 

Don’t panic, this audit isn’t like an income tax audit, but is a system audit. Today, marketers intertwine a lot of inbound marketing methodologies with technology and tools. Most businesses have a CRM system, marketing automation platform, or even a combination of both (which is best, in our opinion). 

Most of these marketing automation platforms, whether it is Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot or any other tool, are massive! There is just so much you can do with these tools! And it isn’t just about the features, these softwares capture, store, and analyze incoming information via multiple data points. Just think about how much data and information is there (answer: a lot x 1000). 

So, Let’s start at the very beginning

What is a HubSpot Audit? 

Sure, you might have deleted a few files or email templates or merged lead information very often, but that is not what an annual audit is. A HubSpot Portal Annual Audit is your chance to review the entire system as a WHOLE. It provides you with the opportunity to make a plan for system refinement and management. 

A complete system audit includes a database clean-up portion where you delete/categorise files and information across your templates, file manager, emails, and forms. It also identifies whether you are using the system to its maximum capacity, and how to work towards that. 

Why you need to do a HubSpot Audit Annually

Auditing might sound like a daunting task but it is something your organisation should commit to. It applies to both types of organisations, those which are new to HubSpot and those who have been using the program for years. 

Agreed, that HubSpot platform is excellent for streamlining sales and marketing activities, but your company’s marketing success will not result from just having HubSpot. 

Conducting an audit will help you answer the following questions: 
●    How to use HubSpot the right way and to its full potential?
●    Are we, as a business, making any mistakes that are impacting our bottom line?
●    What improvements that we can make? 
●    Is HubSpot right for our business model? 

Understand if you are using the right tools:

Just like your customers’ preferences change and your business evolve, the way you use your technology platform must change. Initially, the portal is smooth to use and clean, like a brand-new car. However, think about what happens over time to that car? It gets slightly messy and small problems to crop up. The same happens with HubSpot. Eventually, you might discover that some features aren’t aiding you to meet your targets. How to overcome this? An auditor will help you identify tools that suit your growing business and sales/marketing strategy. 


Create Productive & Empowered Teams:

Besides making the software less chaotic, and more efficient, an audit actually helps improve your sales and marketing processes. Today’s sales and marketing practices are rapidly changing. Having a portal that is constantly up-to-date with your business’s needs, further empowers sales and marketing team. This, inevitably, leads to improved ROI. Annual audits also make it easier to link your sales and marketing efforts to results. The goal of audits isn’t just to ensure that everything is “neat and clean” but to ensure that your efforts are on track to hit the bullseye.

Prepare for Turnover & New Team Members:

Also, while your HubSpot portal might work well with its current set of users, it might not be as straightforward if you experience employee turnover or an increase in team members. Auditing processes will ensure that the systems put in place by previous employees are yet relevant and also ensure new members don’t waste time in trying to understand how the tool works. 


Clear Up Regular Wear & Tear:

Let’s get back to the car analogy. Ever needed your car registration papers and spent a good 30 minutes rummaging through your glove box and boot? Heavy usage of your HubSpot portal can lead to a similar situation. Without annual audits, you could easily end up with a list of multiple assets and forms all over the place. 

Bottom line is that a HubSpot portal audit is for any business seeking to get more for their inbound marketing efforts and grow their business.

Let us let you in on a secret, the process gets more complicated the longer you delay the audit. So, if you haven’t started to include in your annual organisational goals, we seriously recommend you do. 

How to Start a HubSpot Audit?

A great way to start an audit is to understand how HubSpot is working for you right now. HubSpot’s Marketing Statistics Page is a goldmine for all marketers. Go to Reports > Sources and identify your visitor rates, conversion rates, and leads. Also, look at competitor and industry averages to identify areas for improvement. 

You can also partner up with a certified HubSpot agency that can perform the audit for you and report back with a list of recommendations. The advantage of this is that you have a team of certified HubSpot experts looking into all areas and delivering you a thorough report. Investing in an agency might be the smart way to go, especially if it is your first time conducting an audit because it saves time, and an external auditor might see the system’s big picture more clearly. An agency can even set up you up for conducting an audit on your own for the coming years. 


HubSpot is a powerful CRM and marketing automation tool. However, even the most experienced organisations need a refresher and a push in the right direction. Annual HubSpot audits will remove any confusion in regards to whether your business is “doing enough” or “using HubSpot proficiently.” 

In summary, audits help you

→ Discover how to use HubSpot effectively. 
→ Identify and repair general wear and tear of the system. 
→ Prepare for any employee turnover or new hiring.
→ Organise and locate assets (read: more productive teams)
→ Track success of sales and marketing efforts. 

Consistent audits will reaffirm your decisions and allow you to focus your energies on growing the business. 

Get your organisation to commit an annual audit and continue running your inbound marketing campaigns as a smoothly purring engine. 

Is your business conducting performing a HubSpot portal audit? What is your process like? 

The dedicated HubSpot consultants at Transfunnel are pros at servicing your portal and making it shine and run like a swanky new car. 

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